Karpagam Architecture - Student at Function Celebration
Kural 2019
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We often talk about conserving national heritage sites. These are often thwarted by the fact that not a lot of people have idea about restoration and conservation. These projects are…

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Our Indian traditional Architect Samples
Architectural Wonders that are awe-inspiring
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Ista Bruneina Nurul Iman, Bandar Seri Begawan One of the best structural wonders, the Palace of Brunei Sultan is straight out of fantasies. The Istana Nurul Istana Nurul or ‘Royal…

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bachelor of planning colleges in india
Why India’s suitable for a lot of International Students
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It’s a common belief that India’s home to students who go abroad for studying. A lot of us go to study masters in US/UK and sometimes even land a job…

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best architect college in coimbatore
Things you can do during your semester break to have fun
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Semester breaks are fun. Ask me, I have done a lot of things unimaginable during this time. Like swimming, rioting with paintball, go-karting and what not? Majority of the class…

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best architecture colleges in coimbatore
5 Reasons why you should belong to KAHE’s Department of Architecture
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With our history dating back to 1956, we’ve envisioned the dream of being one of India’s top architectural colleges. We’re already one of top colleges in Coimbatore and we’re doing…

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