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Assortment of fabric swatches with text Essential Fabric Types for Designers

10 Essential Fabric Types Every Designer Should Know

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Fabrics are the fundamental building blocks of fashion design. The style, feel and usefulness of clothing are all determined by the fabrics used. Knowing many kinds of clothes is essential for designers from the best fashion designing colleges in Tamil Nadu to create designs that are visually beautiful and also to effectively fulfill their intended…

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Fashion stylist arranging clothes on a rack with camera and lighting equipment in the background

Essential Tips for Fashion Styling and Tips for Photography

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In the vibrant world of fashion, styling and photography work together to bring life into creation and convert ordinary items into pieces of art. Learning how to combine fashion styling with photography is essential. If you are an aspiring fashion designer or aspiring photographer, enrolling in B Des Fashion Design Colleges in Coimbatore can help…

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AI and 3D printing technology in fashion industry

The role of technology in fashion design: How AI and 3D printing are shaping the industry

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Recently, the fashion industry has always been on the top for creativity and innovation because of technology and artificial intelligence. From manufacturing to marketing and sales, you can see the technology implementation and it has highly impacted the fashion industry. AI technology gives better options and solutions for creating, distributing and consuming design. With 3D…

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Sustainability in Fashion Designing

Sustainability in Fashion Designing: What you need to know?

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The good news is that the fashion industry is open to change, and conscious consumers choosing quality over quantity and making eco-friendly purchases are driving fashion brands to consider their environmental impact. These concepts of sustainability apply to every field and fashion designing also adjusts to this to improve eco-friendliness and lifestyle. The B Des…

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Fashion Design Trends in Future

The Future of Fashion Design: Trends and Innovation

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In recent times, the fashion designer career requires creativity, imagination and natural beauty to create costumes and other accessories. This design process basically evolves based on the time, location, social and cultural value attributes. Fashion design is now incorporating today’s trends and various competitive industries look at the wide range of opportunities and scope in…

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Fashion Design - best fashion designing colleges in Coimbatore

The Evolution of Fashion Design: A Historical Journey

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Today, fashion designers acquire the attention of the fashion industry that highlights the demand in the fashion industry and various career openings for them. Earlier, it was quite difficult to gain these opportunities for those who wanted to start their career. The best fashion designing colleges in Coimbatore ensures that designers can get the benefits…

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Fashion Design - best fashion design colleges in Tamil Nadu.

The Intersection of Technology and Fashion Design: AI and Printing

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The fashion industry is a developing industry, and the involvement of technologies in everything from automation to customisation, manufacturing, design, distribution, and marketing orders is becoming crucial. The growth of AI systems in fashion is that they are able to forecast fashion trends, and clothing can be designed virtually. It has become necessary for the…

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