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A successful future in Interior Design – B.Des. Interior Design course

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Interior designing is all about making attractive interior spaces with unique color schemes, decorations, structures and furnishings. It is an art which works better when you have the materialistic knowledge of it. B.Des. Interior Design course is aimed to provide complete education about the nuances of interior designing. The course is designed to create qualified professionals in the field of interior designing. Karpagam Architecture, one of the top colleges of Architecture in Coimbatore provides the students with the complete essence of the course.

If you are passionate about decorating the space around you, then Interior Designing must be your natural career. Unlike the olden days, the need for interior designing is huge today irrespective of the size of the buildings. Due to this welcoming change, many people who are creative and are capable of turning the ordinary into extraordinary pursue interior designing as a career. B.Des. Interior Design is the best course to pursue interior designing as a lifelong profession. Karpagam Architecture, one of the best Architecture colleges in India is committed towards equipping the students with practical knowledge in the field thereby laying a better foundation for their careers.

Job Roles for an Interior Designer

Lighting Designer

The role of these designers is to effectively use the variety of lights and make the environment look spectacular.

Spatial Designer

These designers are provided with the responsibility of efficiently designing and renovating the internal spaces by altering the color and lighting, furnishing, structure etc.

Exhibition Designer

The role is to work on huge projects and exhibitions in a commercial manner. The designers must take the message of the clients into the minds of the audience.

Visual Merchandiser

The visual displays that we see outside the retail outlets are created by the visual merchandisers. It is their uniqueness and creative designs that attracts the customers instantly.

Art Director

This is a job profession in the entertainment industry. The art directors are responsible for creating refreshing ideas and executing it to perfection by creating different sets through the director’s vision.

Production Designer

The responsibility of the production designers is to make inventive designs for making sets in the entertainment industry, especially for films and TV programs.

Responsibilities of an Interior Designer

* Conceptualizing innovative ideas.

* Visualization and sketching of the new designs for internal spaces.

* Always following the latest trends across the world and creating new concepts.

* Providing exceptional end results for the clients.

The graduates of B.Des. Interior Design course can look for job opportunities in retailing, interior designing companies, architectural companies, construction companies, entertainment industry, event management firms, exhibition centers, designing firms etc. They will be recruited by top companies across the world and the pay scale will be based on their experience and level of creativity and innovation.

Karpagam Architecture, one of the Top M.Planning College in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu provides the state-of-art facilities for learning, designing and planning Architecture in the best way possible. The survey lab with high-quality survey equipment offers an experiential learning to the students with focus on qualitative aspects.



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