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Building Engineering and Management

Beyond technical expertise: The soft skills you’ll develop in a Building Engineering and Management Master’s program

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The ideology of students can be employed because of their technical knowledge may be true, but that isn’t enough. Companies expect engineers and architects to navigate and succeed in a new and uncertain environment, despite the fact that the skill set necessary for each position differs. Thus, the Master of Building Engineering and Management College…

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Transforming Urban Landscapes With Technology

Smart Cities: Transforming urban landscapes with Technology

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The concept of living is being revolutionized through smart city architecture, advancing Humanity. Smart cities frequently fail to embrace diversity, which eventually exacerbates the problems that were initially intended to be rectified. Smart cities rely on information and communication technology (ICT) to enhance operational efficiency, communicate knowledge to the public, and enhance the standard of…

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Achieving Energy Efficiency Through Net Zero Energy Buildings

Zero net energy buildings: Achieving Energy Efficiency Goals in Architecture.

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Net zero energy buildings often known as green buildings, are structures that generate. Have you heard about net zero energy buildings? This is one of the innovations in the construction industry to utilize sustainable energy resources to transform the way of living. As an architect student, you need to know how the industry foresees these…

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All You Need To Know About Studying Architecture

 All you need to know about studying architecture

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Do structures have a Voice? Of course, not literally. But do you ever find yourself observing the lines, shapes, and overall form of a piece of architecture and wondering what the architect was trying to say about it? If yes, you might want to consider pursuing an architecture degree. However, there is much more to…

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