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Architects' Guide to Nation-Building

Architects Guide to Nation-Building

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Nation-building describes the process of developing a national identity using state institutions. Its purpose is to unite people from societies of different origins, histories, languages, cultures, and religions within the boundaries of the autonomous state and into a unified constitutional and legal order. The universal definition of architecture is “The Art and Science of Designing…

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A Guide on Contribution of Architecture in Nation Building

A Guide on Contribution of Architecture in Nation Building

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Architecture people give the best approach to making new and unique ideas for the nation and archaeological buildings. This structure is the catalyst for the development of many new and emerging architects. The human mind is the primary contributor to imagination and perception. These prevalent architectural details provide inspiration for creating a one-of-a-kind design for…

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Architectural Influence on the Nation_ Past, Present, and Future

Architectural Influence on the Nation: Past, Present, and Future

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The architectural influence on our nation has deep roots. The person behind these architectural marvels are architects. An architect is a person who designs and plans a building or structure with consideration for the environment, aesthetics, creativity, and, most importantly, a strong ideology and concept. Well, what is the role of an architect in the…

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