Architecture Program In India & Career Guides

Architecture Program In India & Career Guides

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If you see yourself as the next emerging Architect after passing out of the Karpagam Architecture, Top Architecture Colleges in South India, then you are at the right place. This guide is prepared to keep in mind the passion of architecture aspirants and enthusiasts in mind. This step-by-step guide covers everything you need to know about becoming an architect in India.

Before talking about the main matter, that is, how to become an architect in India, – let us check out some basic details about Architecture courses and the profession. In the following segment, you will be finding the answers to questions like, – “Who is an architect?”, “What are his/her tasks?”, “What are the popular architecture courses available in India?” etc.

Who is architecture?

Once you complete the required studies at the Karpagam Architecture, top colleges for architecture in Tamilnadu, you will see that your role includes a wide variety of things. It includes dealing with design, planning, construction, maintenance & restoration of buildings, physical structures, and the built environment in general. Architecture has elements of art, science, mathematics, technology and aesthetics in it!

Most of us in the urban areas spend our days & nights in comfortable flats and houses. Who designed these living spaces? Yes, architects are behind the design and construction of our living spaces. Architects not only build houses, but they are also capable of designing and constructing other physical structures. They are also capable of making changes to the built environment, as per our needs, and you can do the same after gaining the right knowledge from the Karpagam Architecture, India’s best architecture college.

An architect is a professional who offers services in connection with the design, planning, and construction of buildings, physical structures, or the built environment. Architects are knowledgeable about areas like design, construction management, project management, material management, cost estimation, and legal matters related to architecture.

What are the common tasks performed by an architect?

  • Making design. Planning.
  • Communicating with the client.
  • Cost estimation
  • Procuring raw materials and manpower
  • Project management
  • Looking after the legal aspect
  • Site work/supervision

A step-by step guide to becoming an architect

So far, we’ve discussed the role of architecture and how important it is in today’s world. In fact, the architecture education course is one of the most widely recognized ones in India and you can be a part of it as well through the Karpagam Architecture, Best architect college in Coimbatore. Let’s talk more about the step by step guide to the admission process through such reputed colleges.

1. Meeting the requirements

The minimum eligibility criteria are to have passed out of 12th grade with a science stream or equivalent with a minimum score of 50%. Apart from that, one has to appear successfully through entrance tests like NATA, JEE & Institute-wise entrance tests.

2. Secure admission

If you are looking to enter reputed institutes such as the Karpagam Architecture, the Best college for architecture in India then you have to work through the merit-based admission process. To secure admission, a candidate must appear for the relevant entrance test (s) and score valid marks on such tests. Some popular entrance tests for B.Arch. admission are- NATA, JEE & institute-wise entrance tests.

3. Getting through the academic program

B.Arch. the course is 5 years long. The program consists of 5 academic years. To earn a B.Arch. degree, a student must pass the main exam held at the end of each academic year. On successfully completing the course, a candidate will be awarded a B.Arch. Degree!

4. Registering with the COA

It is time to register with the CoA now! To become a professional architect in India, it is necessary to register with the CoA. CoA has a register of architects offering professional services in India. To become a professional architect, it is necessary to get your name into this register!



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