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Fashion merchandiser analyzing trends

Essential Skills for Fashion Merchandisers: A Comprehensive Guide

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If you have a great interest towards clothing brands and merchandise where you can apply for a variety of careers in this fashion industry. You may gain the knowledge and skills while pursuing in the B Des Fashion Design Colleges in Coimbatore so that you can possess the strong marketing skills that help in future…

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fashion models celebrating body positivity.

Fashioning new narratives by embracing diversity and body positivity

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The fashion industry was earlier synonymous with unachievable beauty standards and unrealistic body expectations, but in recent years, the industry has started embracing inclusivity, diversity, and body positivity. This change is due to the body positivity movement, which advocates accepting and celebrating all body types regardless of shape, size, ethnicity, or ability. The movement gained…

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Key Consumer Behavior Insights in Fashion Merchandising

Top 7 Consumer Behavior Insights in Fashion Merchandising

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Understanding the complex web of consumer behavior is important in the rapidly changing field of fashion merchandising. In the context of fashion merchandising, consumer behavior is the investigation and evaluation of people’s choices about the purchase and usage of fashion items. It involves learning the elements that influence consumers’ choices and purchasing behaviors in the…

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AI and 3D printing technology in fashion industry

The role of technology in fashion design: How AI and 3D printing are shaping the industry

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Recently, the fashion industry has always been on the top for creativity and innovation because of technology and artificial intelligence. From manufacturing to marketing and sales, you can see the technology implementation and it has highly impacted the fashion industry. AI technology gives better options and solutions for creating, distributing and consuming design. With 3D…

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Collaboration between humans and machines

Fashion Designing: Collaboration between Humans and Machines

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The fashion industry unlocks new potentials with the collaboration of humans and machines. This transformation includes selecting the fabric and tailoring the products based on individual tastes and different strategies to surpass competitors. These shifts have actually reshaped the fashion industry in every aspect from design to delivery of the products. Human and machine collaboration…

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Fashion Design - best fashion design colleges in Tamil Nadu.

The Intersection of Technology and Fashion Design: AI and Printing

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The fashion industry is a developing industry, and the involvement of technologies in everything from automation to customisation, manufacturing, design, distribution, and marketing orders is becoming crucial. The growth of AI systems in fashion is that they are able to forecast fashion trends, and clothing can be designed virtually. It has become necessary for the…

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