Karpagam Architecture

Comprehensive source of learning


  1. Library – The word is ‘quiet’ and ‘read in silence’
  2. Smart class rooms – ‘The IOT of rapid learning’
  3. Hostels – a home away home – ‘ Beyond home and books, it’s smart adjustments’
  4. Playground – ‘ Some heroic performances’
  5. Material Museum – ‘Classic, timeless and spectacular, to be seen & observed, not touched!’
  6. Exhibition Hall – ‘Watching, learning, projecting and growth – the Retrospective’
  7. Workshop Halls – ‘Engaging, intellectual, Excitement, we bring thoughts, paper, equipment and principles together’
  8. Climatology Lab – ‘Climate models and their evaluation & analysis’
Karpagam Architecture

Design and Planning, KAHE resonates Innovation, Development

KAHE welcomes you to the Epitome of learning Architecture, Design and Planning!

Survey Lab

At the University, the state-of-art survey lab offers high-quality survey equipment and consults to all students. The learning and data collection at the laboratory gives students classroom experiential learning where they can use their technological know-how and learning to optimize their hands-on training opportunities.

As research surveyors, our focus lies in defining the qualitative aspect of Architecture & Design and Planning and learning. We encourage the questioning and refining research methodologies regarding key aspects of both design and implementation. Our primary objective is in drawing parameters and specifications at the Survey Lab during the research processes.

The major equipment in our laboratory includes:

  • Architect’s Scale. …
  • Moleskine Classic Notebook. …
  • Metal Architect Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp. …
  • Handheld Laser Distance Meter. …
  • Drawing Storage Tube. …