Top 5 Factors that Influence Architectural Design

Top 5 Factors That Influence Architectural Design

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There could be so many reasons that help an architect to make a design. Making designs that the client is going to acknowledge is difficult if some existing trends that affect the style of buildings. Factors like materials, culture, construction system, etc are going to come into play. The other thing that needs to be focused on is commercial stair design. Following are some important things that an architect who passed out from a reputed institute such as the Karpagam Architecture, one of the Best Architecture Colleges in Coimbatore, can keep in mind before making the final design.

1. Geography, Climate, and Commercial Stair Design

Geography plays a vital role in architecture. It’s the base of an architect’s design elements. Some things that can be kept in mind when it comes to geography are the topography or the place where architects want to construct a building. All the surveyors find out about the location before making a building.

The next thing comes is the climate which means what’s the weather like in that place? By keeping this in mind the architects have the choice to make the design according to the weather conditions of the location. If the location is harsh they can build a tough building and on the other hand, they can provide different designs if the place is sunnier than usual. Your education at the Karpagam Architecture will make you prepared for tackling such a situation since it is counted as Best College for Architecture in India.

2. Religion, Technology, and Culture

Many clients don’t have any specific requirements prevailing to religion. Though some would ask an architect to provide those requirements. Apart from that, there are some places where religion plays a big role in the community by making a building that could seem offensive to them. Keeping this in mind, the changes can be made.

Just like religion, another thing that determines the designs of a building is culture. For instance,  if the client is Chinese, their preference could be a building according to Feng Shui beliefs. Architects need to make changes by having a conversation with clients about their requirements.

Technology has helped so much and made everything fully functional. Having a building automation system is an evident sign that technology-assisted building structures are systematised and functioning to their full capacity. You too with your knowledge gained from the Karpagam Architecture, Top Architecture Colleges in Coimbatore, can help society.

3. Imagination and Style

The Visualisation techniques of architects cannot be denied. Architects have the responsibility of making inventive designs that their clients love. They can implement so many things to make the buildings look more attractive by making beautiful stair designs like spiral stairs.

Some old designs could be fixed by architects by making new changes. It’s their responsibility to make designs that satisfy the clients. If their visualisation techniques are good they can give results that could impress the clients. This could also mean that they can combine old and new techniques to make impressive buildings.

Engineering aspects of the building as important architectural design. It means to make sure that the building is safe and sound. Above all the things keep in mind the client’s vision and the engineering aspects should go hand in hand. By this, the client will not only get a beautiful attractive building but also the strong and safe one.

4. Budget

The client’s budget plays a very big role in the process of designing as it’s going to be a deciding factor in how big the build is going to be. It also influences the materials that are going to be used and the location of the building. Before all the process of building designs, the personal quotations are made to the clients to give an idea of the amount of money that can be required. These quotations are usually made from the information of some similar type of buildings and location. Once you gain the right direction from the Karpagam Architecture, Best Architecture Colleges in Tamilnadu, you would see how you can put a smile on your client’s face with a limited budget.

5. Design Changes

Changing design after the procedure could cost a big amount to the client as they would restart the complete design process. It’ll also affect the period of building as it’s going to take a longer period to make changes. This can also lead to hiring new architects.


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