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Name Qualification Designation Email ID
Ar.Kathiravan.P B.Arch., M.Tech Professor kathiravan.p@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Ramakrishnamoorthy M.R B.Arch., M.Plan., Professor ramakrishna.mr@kahedu.edu.in
Ar. Vivekanadhan B.Arch., M.Plan., MBA., Professor vivekanandhan
Er. Arun Prasath B.E.,M.E., Professor arun.p
Er. Sasikumar B.E., M.T.P., Professor sasi.p
Ar. Anjaneysh B.Arch., M.Arch., Professor anjaneysh
Ar. Madhan B.Arch., M.Sc Professor madhan@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Senthil Kumar N B.Arch. Professor senthilkumar.n@kahedu.edu.in
Dr.Paul Varghese PhD Professor paulvarghese@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Balakrishnan MTP Professor vbalakrishnaa
Ar.Bhuvanasundar MBEM Professor bhuvana.s
Ar.Lingeshwaran G B.Arch., M.Arch., Associate Professor lingeshwaran.g@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Shivachandran S B.Arch., M.Arch., Associate Professor shivachandran.s@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Ranjitha C B.Arch., Associate Professor ranjitha.c@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Vimal C B.Arch., M.Arch., Associate Professor vimal.c@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Sakthi Murugan Rajendran B.Arch., M.Arch Associate Professor sakthimurugan.r
Ar.Charles Raja V M.Arch. Associate Professor charlesrajan.c
Ar. Sankar S B.Arch, (M.Arch) Associate Professor sankar.s
Ar.Ramesh M M.Arch Associate Professor ramesh.m
Paneerselvam J BFA., MFA., Asso. Professor panneer.j
Ar.Issac A B.Arch., M.Arch., Assistant Professor issac.a@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Karthick R B.Arch., M.Arch., Assistant Professor karthick.r@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Femil M B.Arch., Assistant Professor femil.m@kahedu.edu.in
Er.Alan S B.E., M.E., Assistant Professor alan.s@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Priyanka N.A B.Arch., Assistant Professor priyanka.na@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Meera Shree Raja B.Arch., Assistant Professor meerashree.r@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Hiranmayi S B.Arch., MSc., Assistant Professor hiranmayi.s@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Choksi Jaykumar Rajesh B.Arch., Assistant Professor choksi.j@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Ramiya Gopalakrishnan B.Arch., Assistant Professor ramiya@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Sriviji N B.Arch., M.Des., Assistant Professor sriviji.n@kahedu.edu.in
D.Karthikeyan BFA., Assistant Professor karthickeyan@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Aakash Ashok Bafna B.Arch., Assistant Professor aakash.a
Ar.Prachi S Shah B.Arch., Assistant Professor prachi.s
Ar.Shanil Riyaz B.Arch., Assistant Professor shani.r
Ar.Bhatiya Shrinee M.Arch Assistant Professor bhatiya.s@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Rishab Yogesh Sharma MSc Assistant Professor rishab.y
Ar.SivaRam S B.Arch. Assistant Professor sivaram.s@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Maria Eapen B.Arch. Assistant Professor maria.e
Ar.Kabilan R B.Arch. Assistant Professor kabilan.r@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Karthick V B.Arch. Assistant Professor karthick.v@kahedu.edu.in
Ar.Janani.T MCP Assistant Professor janani.t
Ar.Athira S B.Arch., M.Design, Assistant Professor athira.s