Best Plannig and Architectural Design Courses in India

Best Planning And Architectural Design Courses In India

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From the time when human beings started living in groups, they started finding out different ways to make comfortable houses for themselves. This started at the Indus Valley as they planned for better living places and designed the architecture in the country. It started with planning to make caves in Bhimbetka and followed by making high-risk skyscrapers to adorn the skyline of cities. It’s very much evident from the history of architecture that Indians have always mastered architecture and designing. After globalization, there was a high demand for Indian architects for international and multinational companies. The demand is so high that sometimes you can see an Indian architect getting paid in crores, and you can be that one architecture if you shape your career with the foundation given by Karpagam Architecture, Top Architecture Colleges in Coimbatore.

To keep encouraging and ensuring that the Indian architects remain on the top, many architecture colleges have been made in this country. Here are the following top 5 colleges. So if you’re planning to pursue your career in Architecture, you must go through this list so that you can decide the best college for yourself.

1. School Of Planning And Architecture, Delhi: This is the best architectural college in India which has more than 1000 students getting their degree in architecture and designing. There’s a separate block for Architecture and planning. This college has the outstanding infrastructure and the institute is planning to start a new campus in Vasant Kunj. The most interesting part of the college is the alumni who are all placed very well in life. Life gets smooth once you complete your study at Karpagam Architecture, the most renowned Architecture Colleges in Coimbatore.

2. Indian Institute Of Technology, Kharagpur: Of all the courses that are provided in the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, it’s said that the architecture course is the best one. This institution tries to put the limelight on architecture by taking students for an outing to see different architectural masterpieces all over the country. This way the students learn in the classrooms and then see the architectural pieces by visiting the place and it helps them learn more effectively.

3. Sir J. J. College Of Architecture, Mumbai: This was rooted in the pre Independence time and it was the first architecture college in Asia. The alumni include the famous writer Arundhuti Roy apart from very famous and well-made architects and planners. This institution encouraged creativity and is still on the top 5 list. With time this institution has implemented the changes by time and established a strong foothold in this country in the field of architecture. The institute has arranged the updated software and technology as a part of the curriculum of the institution. Likewise, Karpagam Architecture has been shaping the career of students by planning great value inputs, also, it is enlisted as India‚Äôs Best Architecture College.

4. Jadavpur University, Kolkata: They have proficient knowledge in the field of architectural design theory, Architecture acoustics and landscape architecture. All the students who graduated from this University have got the topmost rank job in the field of architecture both in the private and government sector. There is a special group named Student Society of Architecture which is created by the students and it is where they plan and design the college fests and other events. It’s been more than 50 years of legacy and the department is still rising its value.

5. Chandigarh College Of Architecture: This college was created in 1961 under Punjab University. It was a remarkable alumnus who’s a part of this great college. The 35tg Prime minister of Nepal, Baburam Bhattarai was one of the alumni. The focus of the college is on the general development of the students apart from the classroom teaching that happens in the institute. The college students also get involved in the fests and other important events. It’s said that they celebrate ‘Corbu Day’ and it’s the most interesting celebration among the architectural colleges of the country. Another great institute is Karpagam Architecture, known as the Best Colleges for Architecture in India.


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