Technology Innovations for Architecture

7 technology innovations that can make your architecture practice smarter

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It took a very long time for people to come out of the difficult manual processes before we saw a gigantic growth in technology. It is technology that has made our lives easier and our generation smarter. Human beings are smarter than technology, agreed. But the usage of technology simplifies our work and reduces the time and burden of completion. Karpagam Architecture, one of the top Architecture colleges in Coimbatore is well aware of the need for technology in architecture and so gives proper technical training for the students.

1. Big Data

The architects can make use of big data to efficiently estimate the cost for construction. It also helps to research design materials in a better way since the architects have more access to data. They can identify the best design techniques by making effective surveys to collect data.

2. Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality (MR) helps the architects to clearly communicate their design ideas to the clients and team members in an immersive style paving way for more interaction. The virtual and physical realities are combined in one space enabling more design samples for the architects.

3. Google Cardboard

With the help of Google Cardboard, the architects can impress their clients by showcasing 3D models just with the help of a compatible smartphone. This is an inexpensive way for the architects to provide a virtual reality experience to the clients without affording more money. Karpagam Architecture, one of the best Architecture colleges in India focuses on such technology and provides complete knowledge to the students on the same.

4. Augmented Reality

The use of Augmented Reality in architecture and construction projects is all about experiencing intuitive visualization through 3D models. With this technology, the clients can walk through the real surroundings virtually and this helps the designers and clients to discuss and make the right changes during the course of the project. It also increases the accuracy of the construction projects.

5. Roto VR Chair

Roto is an interactive virtual reality chair that helps the clients to actually explore their dream projects in different directions. It will be a lifetime experience as the clients would feel like they are at their dream home even before its construction. This VR environment is a blessing for the architects to excite and impress their customers.

6. Generative Design

Generative Design is the creation and optimization of 3D models through computer software. When the input is given by the architect on the manufacturing process and constraints, the software automatically suggests the best designs according to the requirements. This helps the architect to identify new designs and attract the clients.

7. Virtual Reality

This is the most prominent technological development in the recent years. The VR technology helps the clients to look and feel their dream construction projects in a 360 degree view with great attention to details. The interiors and exteriors of a building are fully customizable using this technology. Virtual Reality is going to be the future in the field of architecture and it is rightly considered a revolution.

Karpagam Architecture, one of the best colleges of Architecture in Coimbatore provides the state-of-art facilities for learning, designing and planning Architecture in the best way possible. The survey lab with high-quality survey equipment offers an experiential learning to the students with focus on qualitative aspects.


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