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Interior Design Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Interior Design - Interior design colleges in Tamil Nadu

Mixing Old and New: The Art of Blending Vintage and Modern Elements in Interior Design

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It is now common where people likes to construct the houses with perfect blending of traditional and modern interior designs. These combination of interior designs offer unique and attractive spaces and it also brings our the art of different eras and generates the captivating interiors. Though the fusion of old and new has a influence…

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Role of Colour Psychology - The interior design colleges in Tamil Nadu

The Role of Colour Psychology in Interior Design: Exploring How Colour Choices Can Impact Mood, Productivity and Overall Atmosphere in Interior Spaces.

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Colour is a form of communication that speaks directly to our feelings and affects our mood in ways that we frequently aren’t even aware of. Utilizing the principles of colour psychology can help interior designers create harmonious settings that arouse specific emotions and improve the ambience of a space. Colour psychology is the study of…

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Interior Design - Interior Design Colleges in Tamil Nadu

Eco-Friendly Interior Design: Sustainable and Stylish

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In the recent years, sustainability and eco-friendliness has received great significance and this includes the field of interior design. And people like to implement this environment friendliness in the home without compromising the design or comfort from furnishings to lighting and building materials. The challenges for architects are to implement these concepts of sustainable materials…

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