Students choosing the right college after 12th

How to Choose the Right College for Higher Studies After 12th

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Choosing the right college is an important decision where students may need clarification. Whether you are likely to study abroad, a good-ranking college that matches your preferences and also has a huge role in fulfilling your career aspirations are some factors you need to look for. If you completed your 12th grade board exams, and desire to begin a career in architecture, then focus on developing skills. You can take the course online to understand the design concepts, processes, and techniques and crack the NATA entrance exams. Karpagam Architecture College, one of the best architecture colleges in Coimbatore offers coursework that includes theory and practicals of the design process, commercial drawing skills, and understanding of constructions. Here, we compiled a what-do list after completing 12th grade for an aspiring architect.

How to Choose the Right College After Higher Studies? 

Location of the college: One of the most important considerations when choosing an architecture school has always been location.

Location is very important when choosing a school, whether in a city with famous architects, close to your home, or somewhere you’d love to live after graduation. Not only does location affect how you will get to school and what’s around you, but it also affects the local economy and the types of companies you might work for if you decide to stay after graduation.

It is beneficial, if possible, to visit colleges and speak with faculty, students, and admissions counselors at an architecture college.

Architecture Courses After 12th Grade:  Program Diversity

The eligibility for enrolling in architecture courses is a minimum of 50% marks in 12th grade and advantages if you have cracked the NATA entrance exam. Most of the B Arch Colleges in Coimbatore consider these to be primary criteria that students should have.

B. Arch students enrolled in this course have a background in science or design. In the job market, arch graduates are highly demanded for job positions and career paths that mainly test their abilities and ideas.

Other than this, you choose architecture courses after the 12th where students can explore job positions like city planners, regional planners, layout architects, and interior designers.

Our Karpagam College of Architecture provides:

  • B. Arch (Bachelor of Architecture), a five-year undergraduate program that focuses on students’ strong foundation in architectural design, construction methods, and architecture history.
  • B. Planning is another four-year degree course that focuses on how to manage land and property development with an emphasis on urban or regional planning and development policies.
  • B. Des in Interior Design or choosing B. Des in Fashion Design is another course in which students can explore their creative minds in designing spaces and apparel.

Faculty: Examining the teachers can be helpful, even though it’s not always a big deal. Are there academics employed by companies, sectors, or industries that you would like to work for? Do they have a growing body of work that you would like to investigate? You can research the current head of the program as well as the professors. Keep in mind that establishing connections with professors can eventually lead to internship or employment opportunities.

Course affordability and scholarship offers: There’s no denying that the cost of a college education is rising. For additional information about work-study opportunities, scholarships, financial aid, loans for students, and fellowships, speak with a guidance counselor or university admissions. Meeting early with a financial assistance adviser at a college is a significant step that can help you earn your degree.

Way to Post-graduation: Once you complete B. Arch degree, you can either enter the workforce directly or choose to pursue further. We offer M. Arch or related specialization that includes urban planning which helps step into professional roles that impact public policy and land use.

Scope and Career Paths Available for Architect Students:

  • Landscape architects: They work on projects like recreational area design, handling stormwater, and ecological restoration.
  • Industrial architects: They need to have a solid understanding of technical principles and design large-scale industrial projects such as hydroelectric dams and bridges.
  • Public architects: Various architectural designs, such as those found in public buildings, airports, shopping centers, and libraries, serve as symbols for various concepts in the definition and development of society.
  • Freelance architects: Architects working for themselves have full-reign projects. Meeting with clients, creating initial estimates and specifications using computer software, and creating plans are their main responsibilities.

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Conclusion: Architects have a wide range of career opportunities as commercial buildings and residential buildings are essential for daily living. Graduates can get offers from the top public sector infrastructure projects that include road, and subway construction and come with a competitive pay scale. Depending on the hiring firm and the possessed skillset, you can get expected career opportunities. Enroll in Karpagam Architecture College, one of the best B Arch colleges in Tamil Nadu where it offers the potential to significantly impact society and specific curriculum to make the best choice for their future. 



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