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SIX Reasons to Confirm “Architecture is Essential for Nation”

SIX Reasons to Confirm “Architecture is Essential for Nation”

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“Architecture is a visual art and the buildings speak for themselves” – said an American architect Julian Morgan . Nation building is a process in which the nation is developed by the unification of the diverse cultures, languages and religions in the different parts of the same nation. Referring to quote stated above, the buildings…

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Hermann Tilke: More than just circuits

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I know a lot of you’re doing your architecture right now and man of you will be wondering, who is this Hermann Tilke guy? Well, FoA of KAHE is going to introduce you to this amazing dude who is known as father of modern Formula 1 circuits. Hermann Tilke was born in Olpe, Germany on…

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Architectural Wonders that are awe-inspiring

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Ista Bruneina Nurul Iman, Bandar Seri Begawan One of the best structural wonders, the Palace of Brunei Sultan is straight out of fantasies. The Istana Nurul Istana Nurul or ‘Royal residence of Light and Faith’ contains more than 1788 rooms, dinner lobby for 5000 people, 1500 limit mosque, a 110-vehicle carpark, 5 pools and naturally…

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