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Survey Lab

At the University, the state-of-art survey lab offers high-quality survey equipment and consults to all students. The learning and data collection at the laboratory gives students a classroom experiential learning where they can use their technological know-how and learning to optimize their hands-on training opportunities.

As research surveyors, our focus lies in defining the qualitative aspect of Architecture & Design and Planning and learning. We encourage the questioning and refining research methodologies regarding key aspects of both design and implementation. Our primary objective is in drawing parameters and specifications at the Survey Lab during the research processes.

The major equipment in our laboratory includes:

  • Architect’s Scale. …
  • Moleskine Classic Notebook. …
  • Metal Architect Swing Arm LED Desk Lamp. …
  • Handheld Laser Distance Meter. …
  • Drawing Storage Tube. …
Architect Planning Creation Store
Architect Security Systems


Living in University hostel accommodation offers students’ security and their respective families back a sense of safety and peace of mind. We offer guaranteed accommodation and a safe and welcoming environment to our students depending on certain residential criteria.

Student safety is of utmost priority to us and we have in-house Security guards that patrol 24 hours a day making us a top engineering college in India. Security cameras in the campus and recorded entry systems along with a team of wardens and tutors also help in monitoring and creating a secure living environment. Fees vary according to room facilities. All interested are welcome to contact our Hostel Accommodation Department. Fees for forthcoming academic sessions vary and increase with inflation in costs and commodity prices.


At the University, being a top B.Planning College in India, our laboratories form basis for researchers and they collaboratively work together towards achieving specific goal. Our interactive team and specialists, ensure researches are conducted effectively and students implement safety precautions and handle equipment well.

Science Lab

  • Automatic Weather station Cabled vantage pro 2(6152 C)
  • Thermometer (Dry & Wet bulb) – 1 no
  • Digital Thermo-hygrometer – 3 nos
  • Anemometer – 2 nos
  • Infrared Thermometer- 2 nos
  • Digital lux meter- 2 nos
  • Digital Solarimeter
  • Digital – Black globe thermometer

Computer Lab

  • No.of Computers : 65
  • Software Installed : Auto cad, Autodesk Revit, Rhino, Ecotect, 3ds max, Sketchup.

Model Making Lab

Equipped with all model making instruments such as Cutting Machine, Plywood Cnc, Thermocol Carving, Wood Carving Equipments, etc.,

Architect Materials
Architect Measurement Tools