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Interior Design Building Codes

Step-by-Step Guide to Interior Design Building Codes

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Interior designers have to be creative to stay ahead of the competition. But with all the creative concepts and ideas, one should not forget about the building codes. Building codes for interior design are the legal requirements that guarantee a space’s usability and safety. Top B Des Colleges in Coimbatore educate the students about the…

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AI and 3D printing technology in fashion industry

The role of technology in fashion design: How AI and 3D printing are shaping the industry

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Recently, the fashion industry has always been on the top for creativity and innovation because of technology and artificial intelligence. From manufacturing to marketing and sales, you can see the technology implementation and it has highly impacted the fashion industry. AI technology gives better options and solutions for creating, distributing and consuming design. With 3D…

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Collaboration between humans and machines

Fashion Designing: Collaboration between Humans and Machines

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The fashion industry unlocks new potentials with the collaboration of humans and machines. This transformation includes selecting the fabric and tailoring the products based on individual tastes and different strategies to surpass competitors. These shifts have actually reshaped the fashion industry in every aspect from design to delivery of the products. Human and machine collaboration…

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Sustainability in Fashion Designing

Sustainability in Fashion Designing: What you need to know?

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The good news is that the fashion industry is open to change, and conscious consumers choosing quality over quantity and making eco-friendly purchases are driving fashion brands to consider their environmental impact. These concepts of sustainability apply to every field and fashion designing also adjusts to this to improve eco-friendliness and lifestyle. The B Des…

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Fashion Design Trends in Future

The Future of Fashion Design: Trends and Innovation

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In recent times, the fashion designer career requires creativity, imagination and natural beauty to create costumes and other accessories. This design process basically evolves based on the time, location, social and cultural value attributes. Fashion design is now incorporating today‚Äôs trends and various competitive industries look at the wide range of opportunities and scope in…

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