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Why India’s suitable for a lot of International Students

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It’s a common belief that India’s home to students who go abroad for studying. A lot of us go to study masters in US/UK and sometimes even land a job there. But what a lot of people don’t know is  India too is a host to a lot of international students. A huge part of them come from Nepal and Afghanistan, followed by the continent of Africa, US and parts of the Pacific. A lot of the international students tend to live in cities mostly but sometimes you will spot a few of them in and around small towns. But here’s the thing, India’s top colleges are the places where International Students should be. They’re centers of excellence and the education is top quality. So let’s get started!

    1. One of the best institutes for architecture in India is KAHE – Architecture. A college with 100s of successful architects, the college displays everything that will impress the international community. It has academic, arts and cultural programs that are not only diverse but provide you a glimpse into this unique country. The institute is also known for the lush greenery surrounding it and modern infrastructure
    2. India’s education is super economical. Instead of pay more than $90,000 a year for college in the US, you can be spending that amount of money for three or four years of degree course in the country. And at times you might even have money saved up after the entire four year in college and thus it’s a very good deal for you. Since colleges come with their own accommodation, it’s better to join them as they again provide you with a chance to save a lot more money. Though cheap, premiere institutions don’t bring down their standards.
    3. Top Colleges in India are diverse environments. They’ve students coming from different parts of the country who speak different languages; who’s culture is completely different and they also have different varieties of food to bring with them. It’s easier for International students to blend into this environment as it’s always super graceful and highly energetic. Initially you will find our love and passion overbearing but eventually you will know a lot of people honestly display their emotions.
    4. It feels like home: If you’re someone who’s enjoyed an environment revolving around musical instruments and cheery get together, the atmosphere will suit your vibe. There’s always loud instrument playing or a cheery band of teenagers dancing to create the ultimate magical whisper. It will bring you closer to your home and family.
    5. The food here’s awesome: If you ‘vent tasted Indian food, in India, then you’ve to. The spell of Indian food will want to crave for more. By the time you finish studying, we’ll be sending you home all healthy and plump.
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