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Things you can do during your semester break to have fun

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Semester breaks are fun. Ask me, I have done a lot of things unimaginable during this time. Like swimming, rioting with paintball, go-karting and what not? Majority of the class had decided it will study for the next semester while me and few friends formed a group and jumped on to make some trips to places as we had very little time to squeeze the maximum fun out of limited time. Even some of those who stayed back to study did squeeze time for some activities and here is a list of lit things you could do in your semester break:

Go for a long staycation

However long you get the holidays, use it to wind up into a cocoon and go on to somewhere as a staycation. Staycation is like a vacation but you mostly spend your time in a single place rather than visiting multiple places. You’ll be mostly finding yourself with inner comforts like SPA, Swimming Pool, playing golf etc. Set yourself up a good resort or a good hotel with VIP Facilities and your staycation will be super awesome.

Try adventure sports

This one is for those who can’t control their nerves. If you’re an adrenaline junkie use your off days to get the best of yourself out. Adventure sports are a growing trend and you can be part of and have bragging rights of telling your friends about how high the cliff was or how scenic the waters were when you were rafting. Adventure sports include anything from mountain biking to jumping off cliff to dining at a zero degree temperature while you try to finish an ultra marathon. Not only this will be fun, this will also help you remain healthy and alert. When you’re back at college you will be a gemstone.

Read Books

This one is for all those friends who like being bookworms. Reading books essentially doesn’t make you a geek, but helps you learn something different. My recommendations would be to read some historical classics, anything to do with literature in your native language or learn about people whose cultures have perished in this modern world. Books are not just pages filled with words, they’re enablers of that core imagination that brings your true self out. A book a day will keep misinformation away and also, you’ll be away from social media and be at peace.

Learn a new skill

Learning skills are essential in the modern world. You never know what you are good at unless you try it. Why not take some time and get out there and learn some skills that will help you out. And you never know you might become expert other than what your major is.

Head out on an unplanned trip

Unplanned trips are one of the greatest boon in human life. Remember that Goa trip you planned since you graduated from high school? The time is now for you to hit the road. Pack some essentials, take whatever cash or card you’ve, take public transit or hitchhike but complete that trip. Unplanned trips will help you do more in the short time as you’ve very less distraction and no schedules to focus on.

Community Service

Community Service is a highly overlooked part in our human society. The days you get must be used productively to give back to the community that has fostered a positive environment around you. Helping the less fortunate and the homeless will be the best thing you will do with the free time you’ve got with you rather than whiling it away.

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