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5 Reasons why you should belong to KAHE’s Department of Architecture

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With our history dating back to 1956, we’ve envisioned the dream of being one of India’s top architectural colleges. We’re already one of top colleges in Coimbatore and we’re doing our best to emphasize on importance of sustainable designs and architecture. We offer B.Arch and M.Arch, M.Plan in Town and Country Planning, M.Plan in Housing, B.Des (In association with Institute of Indian Designers). The coming decade will be forefront of several discussions and Karpagam wants to get involved in them as part of being a responsible entity. We definitely know what we’re doing and we hope to progress more in the coming future as we want to be guaranteed that we’re in the forefront of this field

Great atmosphere

As we’re a school of architecture, we have made sure we make this spot perfectly fit for you guys. For us our students are very important and we ideally want to emphasize that you will be made comfortable in all ways. Our buildings are designed to provide well ventilated airflow and bright sunlight into the classroom to give you the heavenly feel. The lush green gardens and pasture that surround the campus are not just eye candy but also help in clearing your mind from the day to day stress. We’ve a beautiful amphitheater where you can meditate, sit around for fun or even use the environment to study.

Amazing faculty

KAHE – Architecture takes pride in its faculty. We’re one of top architecture colleges and planning colleges in India and our faculty is top breed. The one’s who teach you are highly qualified professors in this field and have several years of experience. Our faculties are like a friend to the students. No matter how cross both are towards each other, they will still patch because everyone knows, no one keeps a grudge. For us our faculties are like the showman, who imparts his most complex skill to his apprentice. They’re known to rejuvenate the youth from the slumber of ignorance and lead them to the path of fruitful excellence.

Fantabulous ways of learning

Being interactive is one of our traits. Our learning methods are blended with the knowledge from ancient and modern research and tech. Just because we said the word ancient means, we’re like the regular no-body. Everyone still knows how strong ancient fort and fortresses are in India. Our emphasis is to blend in the scientific knowledge from all times and impart the ultimate knowledge of being critically aware. As far as we know, anyone can design with a degree. They can vomit on a blue print to make it amazing. But learning helps you discover more and more and thus Karpagam’s main goal is for you to learn. To learn and emulate a successful career of an artisan, whose imagination and grit knows no bounds.

Getting involved into the community

KAHE – Architecture is determined to always provide to the community. Our duties are to train our students well enough so that they can provide the community with sustainable and safe designs in housing, towns and countries. Our aim is to reduce the carbon footprint and energy burn-up that is cause by not so well-planned designs. Our curriculum is hell-bent into making the best out of the resources in hand. We provide the architecture community with inspirations from different sources.

Because you deserve it

Well, you deserve to be with the best. And we too want the best out of you. Karpagam’s thing is to make you the best version of yourself and we will make sure that we make you happy and help you achieve success!



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