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Fashion retail visual display with vibrant window designs.

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Merchandising in fashion

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In the fashion world, visual merchandising is essential to attract customers and increase sales. A proficient visual merchandising approach has the power to convert rare shoppers into loyal customers. The top 10 fashion designing colleges in Coimbatore equip students with these skills and technologies so they can start their careers as experts in visual merchandising.…

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Vintage & Retro Interior - A fusion of nostalgia and modern elegance for homes

Vintage and retro interior design trends: Bringing the past into the present

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The first ‘Retro’ style started around the 1960s as post-war creators hoped to make a brilliant and strong style of ‘trust’. As a result, people are looking to revive the fun and lively appeal of this style in their homes today. The styles of traditional and contemporary interior design are becoming increasingly popular. Victorian wooden…

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Role of Colour Psychology - The interior design colleges in Tamil Nadu

The Role of Colour Psychology in Interior Design: Exploring How Colour Choices Can Impact Mood, Productivity and Overall Atmosphere in Interior Spaces.

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Colour is a form of communication that speaks directly to our feelings and affects our mood in ways that we frequently aren’t even aware of. Utilizing the principles of colour psychology can help interior designers create harmonious settings that arouse specific emotions and improve the ambience of a space. Colour psychology is the study of…

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