Have Smartphone Apps for Architecture Students

5 Must-Have Smartphone Apps for Architecture Students

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Since we are a school of architecture, we have made sure that this place is perfect for architect wannabes. Our students are very important to us and ideally we want to emphasize that you will feel comfortable in everything. Our infrastructure is designed to provide a good flow of ventilated air and sunlight in the classroom to give you a heavenly feeling. We have a beautiful amphitheatre amidst lush green garden, and the campus is not only cute, but also helps to get rid of everyday stress. Karpagam Architecture: Best College for Architecture in India the perfect abode to acquire architectural skills.

Many contemporary design innovations have embraced the growth of new technologies in the field of Architect. To a regular student of architecture, technology may seem like a largely outlandish field, but students need to harness the power of technology.

Talking about technology, mobility is the new normal today, and it makes our daily job easy, enabling us to achieve the possibilities. We are in a phase where mobility offers smartphones with new innovative apps appearing every day both for Apple and Android. So it’s good to have an app on your smartphone. Here are the 5 must-have apps for architecture.

Construction Master Pro

Construction Master Pro is an advanced construction math calculator with robust integrated solutions perfect for making designs, drawings, quotes, and estimates. It calculates circles, stairs, roofs, and more. It works and converts decimal fractions to foot-inches, including measurements. Use it on-site or in the office to save time, reduce costs, avoid touch-ups, and enhance ROI.


One of the most practical architectural applications. It works like magic for measuring. The app has the provision to use the camera of the phone as measuring tape. It allows you to transfer everything on the desktop and modify it. And the best thing is, it’s free.

iRhino 3D

There is nothing better than displaying your designs and ideas in 3D. Scroll, zoom in and out with one-touch or slide of your finger. With the handy browser, you can scroll through the thumbnails and quickly switch to any model. With the layer manager, you can activate visibility to selectively display certain parts of your model. You can use the named view manager to switch to the camera angles configured in Rhino.

Harvest App

Easily track time, expenses, and bills on the go with Harvest. Use the timesheet to start a new timer or stop what you left at work. With the expense tracking tool, you can take photos of receipts with your mobile phone while entering expenses and managing all of your records. Send invoices and receive notifications when customers pay. Check your teammates’ timers in real-time and stay up to date with the project.

Morpholio Trace

It is a unique drawing tool ideal for architects, it helps create smart sketches and drawings to meet the design needs. With this tool, you can draw on PDF files, photos, maps, and set background templates with an incredible resolution with exceptional design tools, brushes, and pens. It gives new life to the design process and magically alters workflows with digital sketches.

Because you are the best

Well, you deserve to be with the best. And we also want the best from you. Karpagam one of the top architecture colleges in coimbatore we’ll make you the best version of you and help you succeed in your architectural venture.



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