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FIVE Virtual Reality Programs for Architects 

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A different method of working for architects is virtual reality. For your design workflow, it offers a powerful tool with limitless capabilities when combined with real-time visualisation tools. The benefit of using these VR programmes is that you can find easy ways to develop your designs, and achieve the exact needs of the clients, which yields customer retention. Students of the best b.arch colleges in Tamilnadu should develop knowledge of how, what, and the purpose of using these programmes during their projects. Here is a list of five virtual reality programmes that seem interesting and useful to learn and design for architects.

FIVE Virtual Reality Apps You Should Know:

1. ARki:

This application is available on Android and iOS devices and is used for visualising architectural models. It combines AR (augmented reality) tech into the current architecture, which allows creating three-dimensional models with various levels that cooperate for both design and presentation.

You can find various features on the Arki. It includes,

  • Executes 3D models on existing 2D floor plans.
  • Used several functions which are interactive.
  • Record the selected models in 3D formats.
  • Can share the created design via email or any other social media platforms.
  • Clients and architects can always be updated about the changes, if made.
  • Beneficial for the best architecture colleges in India students to try & implement the features.

2. Storyboard VR:

This app is commonly used among the architects, AEC experts, artists and creators. The free app has better features of prototyping and visualization tools and can experience VR. You can feel realistic with various benefits from the features offered. It includes,

  • Flexible experience runs on Windows and is supported by HTC Vive.
  • Create a prototype of visual experience as per client request and test it each step.
  • Allows users to pull in, arrange, scale and animate simple 2D models.
  • Create or upload transparent drawings, maps using sketching tools
  • Share ideas and feedback in the design process.
  • Make use of slides, like the VR version of PowerPoint.

3. Pair

This app can build computer vision and augmented reality technologies that will make it easy for the architects to drag and drop the 3D models into designs. Now, the catalogue contains more than 200 products for home and office, and it is renewed every day. This app mainly focuses on the furniture and equipment manufacturer segment. The pros of using Pair are that it is made for its products and consumers and allows users to navigate inside a virtual 3D product.

4. Smart Reality:

This is a mobile application of augmented reality that allows cameras to overlap an interactive BIM model on design layouts. So, it is easy to create a 3D visualisation of projects and a great tool for forward thinking architects. The benefits include,

  • Scale, change the structural layers and easy navigation of project stages
  • Record your images or videos
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Free account to upload 2D plans and acquire 3D plans
  • Allows you to physically walk around the model created.
  • Find the VR version developed by JBKnowledge Labs R&D team.

5. Fuzor:

This app is designed by Kalloc Studies for game design. If you have great experience on Rhino, Revit or Google Sketchup, then it is easy to find the integrated program of these. The features are:

  • Users can move, visualize, inspect BIM information
  • Syncing changes between the two tools
  • Update and reflect the changes in the Revit file.
  • Makes it easy to collaborate with the project team/ in charge of construction.
  • Embedded BIM info that supports various factors like clash analysis, color and visibility filters, cross section, rendering or video rendering.
  • It is an all-around system to use, cloud experience and 4D platform.

So, once you complete your degree from B. Arch colleges in Coimbatore, and to start to work as a freelancer or under any company, you need to know how to use these tools and have basic knowledge to interpret. As evolutions are frequent, you need to blend the traditional techniques with the current techniques.

The benefits of using or practising these apps are:

  • Virtual reality presentations for architecture give a 360-degree view of the project.
  • They will have a better idea of what the structure will look like after it is finished, and they will feel more invested in the undertaking.
  • It can stop costly delays and rework from occurring.
  • Real-time visualization software allows you to use VR without having to be an expert in the field.
  • Your VR headset will display your model after just a few clicks, allowing you to see your building before it is ever constructed.
  • By using modern technology, you can differentiate yourself from the competition by providing a service that others can’t.
  • You may make your imagination a reality with virtual reality.


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