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Is Interior Design A Best Choice For Your Career

Should a career in Interior Design be the right choice for you?

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Interior Designer’ – does that career and profession sound interesting to you? But do you think you can be a successful interior designer? This article will answer this doubt and give you clarity on whether the interior design is the right choice for you. Your interest is important to pursuing a career in Interior Design…

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Karpagam Architecture students - India's best architecture college

Sai Sabarish – Testimonial

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Architecture is an accident in my life. Honestly, till my 12th grade I didn’t know about a career option like architecture. Earlier it was all engineering and management based courses that most of my friends opted for. I always rejoice the moment I came into architecture. After schooling, my career option was leaning towards the…

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AR. HARRIS - Top M.Plan colleges in India 2020

HARRIS – Testimonial

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I, HARRIS.A, am a dreamer, passed out of  Karpagam Architecture, one of the top Architecture colleges in Coimbatore, in 2016 (B.Arch), expressing my profound love and interest towards design. Having identified my leadership qualities, I was given an opportunity  to be the Unit Secretary representing my  college at the National Association for Students of Architecture…

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AR. DIJO - Coimbatore Architecture college

Dijo Lawrence – Testimonial

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I am Dijo Lawrence, graduated from Karpagam School of Architecture, one of the top Architecture colleges in Coimbatore with a Bachelor’s degree in 2016. I have recently completed my Master’s degree in Architecture professional in UNITEC School of Architecture, New Zealand. I am a registered member of COA and had an opportunity to work with…

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Ashiq Ameer - Testimonal

Ashiq Ameer – Testimonial

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I, Ashiq Ameer, am graduated from Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, one of the top colleges in Coimbatore with a bachelor’s degree  in Architecture in 2016. Stepping foot  in  the institution,  where  I learnt  the  best  part  about  myself as a  human  being, proved to  be  the  first  right  step  in  my  career. The college has…

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Role of Architecture in Coimbatore - Top B.Arch Colleges of Architecture and Planning

Why Architecture will play a vital role in Coimbatore?

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Coimbatore, the Manchester of South India is known for its industrial growth and the enormous employment opportunities. It is also a city surrounded by nature with rich traditional values. Architecture has always played an important role in the construction of this glorious city which is very much visible through the temples, museums and other old…

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Karpagam School of Architecture

Save Trees! Save Earth! Save Nature

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Nature is the mother of every being, both living and non-living on Earth. Without trees, life is unimaginable and we would not receive any oxygen which is essential to live. We all know the importance of saving the trees and earth thereby saving the whole nature. What stops us from actually practicing it? We find…

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Best Architecture College in Coimbatore, India

Indian Architecture – a walk down the glorious past

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The early architecture of India is an amalgamation of history, culture and religion. India is home to a number of architectural styles and traditions. Hindu temple architecture, Indo-Islamic architecture are some of the best known ones. The architecture is reflection of the lifestyle of the people of the bygone era. Harappan architecture of Indus Valley…

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Planning by Our College Student - b.planning colleges in india

Hermann Tilke: More than just circuits

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I know a lot of you’re doing your architecture right now and man of you will be wondering, who is this Hermann Tilke guy? Well, FoA of KAHE is going to introduce you to this amazing dude who is known as father of modern Formula 1 circuits. Hermann Tilke was born in Olpe, Germany on…

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Karpagam Architecture - Student at Function Celebration

Kural 2019

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We often talk about conserving national heritage sites. These are often thwarted by the fact that not a lot of people have idea about restoration and conservation. These projects are to be undertaken at least to preserve the national heralds that we’ve hailed for over centuries. The Vadukkanathan Temple, Excavation of Temples from Talakkadu, Mahabalipuram…

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