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Dijo Lawrence – Testimonial

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I am Dijo Lawrence, graduated from Karpagam School of Architecture, one of the top Architecture colleges in Coimbatore with a Bachelor’s degree in 2016. I have recently completed my Master’s degree in Architecture professional in UNITEC School of Architecture, New Zealand. I am a registered member of COA and had an opportunity to work with many creative and successful architectural firms around South India. I started my professional career with Kembavi Architecture Foundation (Bangalore), Jabeen Zacharias (Cochin) and Raj Consultants (Bangalore). As part of my architecture career, I currently work as an Architectural Technician in New Zealand.

I am what I am now because of my experience of studying at Karpagam Architecture, one of the best colleges of Architecture in Coimbatore. The institution is special for me for many reasons and I am proud to get educated in such a reputed institution. I have learnt the basics of architecture and its practical usage from the college and it helps me even today in my projects. Karpagam Architecture helps the students in developing their skills with regard to design and planning. There are special training programs related to employment skills that are conducted for the students to shine better in their careers.

My understanding of architecture had sharpened through the regular seminars and lectures conducted at Karpagam Architecture, one of the best Architecture colleges in India, by the alumni and the resource persons from various reputed institutions across the country. The sessions have deepened my knowledge on the industry and the society in general. The management provided us with various learning opportunities with well-equipped classrooms. The institution is technologically updated always and this helps the students to learn with modern technology by their side.

Many of my batch-mates have become entrepreneurs with the knowledge and training obtained from Karpagam Architecture, one of the best colleges for Architecture in India and our faculty members were very supportive to us in clearing our doubts and guiding us in making our career choices in the best way possible. Our college is considered the epitome of learning and it is fully worth it. At Karpagam Architecture, one of the top colleges in India for Architecture, the management and staff work together with common goals and so there is no room for any confusion in carrying out the specific objectives. I feel this is the major secret of their success and I am sure this will continue in the years to come.



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