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HARRIS – Testimonial

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I, HARRIS.A, am a dreamer, passed out of  Karpagam Architecture, one of the top Architecture colleges in Coimbatore, in 2016 (B.Arch), expressing my profound love and interest towards design. Having identified my leadership qualities, I was given an opportunity  to be the Unit Secretary representing my  college at the National Association for Students of Architecture (NASA). My professional career started by interning in two differently scaled design firms in Bangalore, SYNERGY (MNC) and Balan + Nambisan architects, where I was exposed to various scale of projects and responsibilities. After that I joined Mistry Architects, one of the leading firms in India. Joined as a Junior Architect, I was later promoted as a Junior Associate during my 3 year work period at Mistry’s. During this  period, I was a part of many award winning  projects. Under the leadership of my beloved  mentor, Sharukh Mistry I learnt the core values of architecture, its ethics and to look at the BIG  PICTURE that the profession caters to. After gaining experience working in different firms, teams and projects, I have now started up my own design-based practice in Coimbatore, a practice which strive towards architecture beyond aesthetics.

I owe all my growth and success to Karpagam Architecture, one of the best colleges of Architecture in Coimbatore. I have been taught the attitude and aptitude to shine at any circumstances during my college days. Karpagam Architecture helps the students to have education as an experience and this is useful during the working phase of the students. The college prepares the individuals to be part of a bigger change in the industry.

I have made full use of the resources in the college like library, labs and the ever approachable faculty members. It is a blessing to have such kind of professors who are more like friends in understanding the needs and emotions of the students and guiding them towards the right path. Karpagam Architecture, one of the best Architecture colleges in India has an incomparable atmosphere with perfect teaching methods and opportunities to research and plan for the future.

Karpagam Architecture, one of the best colleges for Architecture in India has helped me in understanding the roots of architecture and this knowledge is required for anyone who wants to succeed big in this field. I feel blessed to have studied in such a famous institution with excellence in approach towards education and empathy towards the students.



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