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How Volunteer Work Enhances Your Skill Set for Placements

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Today’s job market is highly competitive. There is always a need to show some extra skills to acquire a job. One of the diverse skills that employers look for is volunteering activities. This is seen as an individual’s commitment to personal and professional growth. Volunteer activities provide benefits to the society and an individual’s skill development and personal enrichment. Many Best Architecture Colleges in Coimbatore mandate students to participate in volunteer activities to develop life skills in them.

In this blog, you can learn how volunteer work can improve your skill set. Particularly it aids to understand how it can help with your placement and career advancement. 

Understanding the Value of Volunteer Work

It contains a wide range of activities that come under the volunteer work. Generally, volunteer work is a commitment to work without payment for the benefit of others. It can be working at a non-profit organisation, participating in community projects, working for humanitarian causes. In this space, an individual should donate time, expertise and resources to make a positive difference in the life of others. It gives valuable experience and provides personal and professional growth. 

Developing Transferable skills

Transferable skills are less known by people. But it is really highly valued in the workspace. Transferable skills are nothing but the soft skills. Many roles in many Industries require this skill apart from technical and professional skills. These skills are highly valued because it is important to complete today’s task. Here are some high valued soft skills one should consider. 

Communication Skills

Every job requires good communication skills. When a person engages in volunteer work, he can have good communication skills as he has diverse groups. It will include conveying information, active listening and resolving conflicts. This will give him opportunities to improve his communication skills.

Leadership and Teamwork

Engaging in volunteering activities wants individuals to collaborate with others. They have to participate with common goals. So, they are most likely coordinating projects, and lead groups as a leader. This will give them qualities like decision-making, delegation, and conflict resolution. It will be very important in a professional setting. 

Time Management and Organisation

Handling both volunteer commitments and studies together requires time management. It also requires organisational skills. It will help them to prioritise tasks, set achievable goals and manage time effectively to meet the deadlines. These skills are very important in a professional setting. That’s why employers look for individuals who have good volunteering experience. 

Problem Solving and Adaptability

Volunteering is not an easy task. Everyday individuals have to tackle unexpected challenges. This requires creative problem solving skills and adaptability. Obstacles can come in any form like finding innovative solutions, resource restriction or adapting you to a new situation. So being a volunteer will help to develop resilience and adaptability of an individual. 

Building Professional Networks 

Volunteers will get the excellent opportunity to expand professional networks. They have a high chance in connecting like-minded individuals, and industrial experts. They can interact with them, share their passion and obtain good insights. They can sometimes even land on good career opportunities as they like. Individuals can also get internships, job referrals and many other career opportunities.

Demonstrating Commitment and Values

Companies are also looking for individuals who have a commitment to social responsibility and follow ethical values. This definitely helps in creating a positive impact in the community. Active participation in these initiatives will help develop individual capacity to achieve the goal. This can be that quality which can make an individual stand out from the crowd. This will portray social consciousness and corporate citizenship. 

Leveraging Volunteer Experience in Job

This quality can strengthen the resume and set an individual apart from the crowd. So, individuals should highlight any volunteering experience in their resume without fail. They can explain what they actually did, the challenges faced, the problem they solved and the impact they made. This will convey to the employees the readiness of an individual who has started working. 

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Volunteers will have the opportunities to speak in public places. They should talk about project updates, deliver speeches at events, and help participants in workshop and training sessions. In time, an individual will be able to articulate his ideas and clearly convey his thoughts.

Emotional Intelligence

As volunteers will get to work with different kinds of people, they will develop empathy and emotion. An employee with these qualities is a great asset to a company. They will help and support their team members from different backgrounds and build strong relationships in the organisation.


In summary, volunteer activities can offer many benefits. It will include skill development networking and career opportunities. You can participate in any kind of volunteering activity that you are interested in. Coimbatore Famous Architecture Colleges, themselves look for programs and encourage students to participate in it. This will give you a lot of experience and exposure and have a great impact on your personal and professional success. 



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