Everything you need to know about B.Des. Interior Design - b des colleges in coimbatore

Everything you need to know about B.Des. Interior Design

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B.Des. Interior design is a course that teaches you to specialise, design and craft interior design for different spaces. But may not completely know about this course of B.Des. Interior design. In this article, you will have everything that you should know about B.Des. Interior design from what you will learn to the best college to learn.

What will you study in B.Des. Interior design?

B.Des. is an acronym for Bachelor of Design. In this course, you will learn how to design the interiors. The course starts with the basics of interior design and goes into advanced levels which makes you an expert in interior designing.

The main concept in this is to understand the people’s behaviour and style of the interiors. Each person will have a different taste. Interior designers should grasp the essence of style in their clients and deliver it to them so that they feel amazed when they see the final result. 

Different industrial sectors require different types of interiors according to their essential needs. Colours, patterns and lights play a main role in this course which help you in creating functional spaces.

If you are very interested in learning interior design, this is more of a creative course you will enjoy. As a kid, if you are interested in art, painting, designs and patterns, you will definitely enjoy learning interior designing and will make a great interior designer.

How many years does it take to complete B.Des. Interior design?

B.Des. Interior design is a 4-year undergraduate course. Mostly the colleges provide an offline mode of study. As the COVID-19 has changed this situation, colleges are now providing the online mode of studies for B.Des. Interior design.

Minimum eligibility required to join B.Des. Interior design

A pass percentage of 10+2 in academics is the minimum educational eligibility. The minimum percentage for the 10+2 academics is set by the colleges. But an increased percentage will help you get prioritised in getting admission.

Colleges prefer students should have studied mathematics and science at their higher secondary level. Lateral entry for the diploma students is also available.

Many institutions conduct their own entrance exams to get admissions into B.Des. Interior design. Passing the national-level entrance exams like NATA also helps in getting through the admission process easily. You can contact the colleges for further details of the minimum eligibility criteria.

Advantages in studying B.Des. Interior design

B.Des. Interior design teaches you to make concepts like design thinking, problem-solving, critical thinking, creative drawing and art skills. You will also get to learn about the different cultures all over the world and design the interiors based on culture too.

You get to learn to use software like AutoCAD that is used for designing. Many more technologies you infuse in to create better interior designs to come up with sustainable and environmentally friendly interior designs.

The creativity and colours which you create in your interior designs can create a better and peaceful living for the people. Productivity increases when there are appropriate interiors in the industries and the working place. As an interior designer you make positive changes in the life of people.

Subjects covered in B.Des. Interior design

All through the 6 semesters of B.Des. Interior design, you get to learn about various subjects that improve your interior designing skills.

You learn different levels of the following subjects,

  • Basics of Structure (Level 1 – 3)
  • Basics of Designs (Level 1 – 3)
  • Basics of Building services (Level 1 – 4)
  • Basics of Interior Design (Level 1 – 5)
  • Fundamentals of Interior Designs (Level 1 – 4)
  • Fundamentals of interior materials (Level 1 – 2)
  • Fundamentals of interior construction (Level 1 – 4)
  • Prologue to computers (Level 1 – 2)

Other than the above-mentioned core subjects, you will also learn the history of interior designs, arts & crafts, systematic drawing, humanities, computer applications, Anthropometry and Ergonomics in your B.Des. Interior design. All these subjects will be taught in their respective practical sessions.

Other courses related to B.Des. Interior design

Other than B.Des. Interior design you can also opt for other interior design courses such as BSc. Interior Design. You might also complete B.Arch – Bachelor in Architecture and specialize in interior designs.

Pursuing a career as an Interior designer

A career as an Interior designer is much more creative and interesting. As an interior designer of the new age, you should also concentrate on creating sustainable and environmental friendly interior designs.

You will also get good pay as a fresher in interior design. According to your skills and company, you might get pay of rupees 2 lakhs to 8 lakhs per annum as a fresher. Once you get experienced, your income increases. You can also plan to set up your own interior design company.

Best colleges in Tamilnadu to do B.Des. Interior design

When it comes to selecting the best college in Tamilnadu to study B.Des. Interior design, Karpagam architecture (KARCH) is the best option. This institute comes under the Karpagam university named Karpagam Academy of Higher Education i.e., located in Coimbatore.

Best infrastructure, faculties and placements are available in this institute. Studying B.Des. Interior design in KARCH will give you worldly exposure.

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