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Career Paths in Interior Design: Opportunities and Growth in the Industry

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Interior designing is a vast field. It has many aspects and so it can provide plenty of career opportunities. Individuals with creativity, aesthetics and special design are the best fit in this domain. The demand for unique and functional interior spaces is rising and so the need for skilled professionals is also rising. Many Interior Design Colleges in Tamilnadu are helping the industry by developing professionals with good knowledge in this domain. In this blog, you can learn the different career paths in interior designing. So, read further to know about the opportunities and growth in this industry. 

Introducing Interior Design

Interior design has many activities in it. Some of them are space planning, conceptual development, project management, integration of aesthetics with functionality. It plays a very important role in altering the environment. People love to work or play in a space that is visually appealing and favourable to serve their needs and preferences.

Career Paths and Opportunities in Interior Design

  1. Residential Interior Design:

    Homes and apartments come under the residential interior design. It is one of the well known and common career parts in interior design. As professional designers, you will be expected to work with home honours for creating a personal and comfortable living space. According to a recent survey by the American institute of Architects, more than 30% of interior designing was residential interior designing. This highlights the scope of abundant job opportunities in this domain. The main reason for this is increasing remote work culture.

  2. Commercial Interior Design:

    The professionals under this domain are dedicated to design spaces for business. They will be working on designing office buildings, retail stores, hotels and any commercial property. This sector is also experiencing good growth. The factors contributing to this growth are office renovation and retail expansion. The increasing ergonomic factors are helping to increase the comfort of the employees in the office to work better. Many B Des Interior Design Colleges in Tamilnadu, are preparing students to excel in this domain. According to the labour statistics, the employment opportunities in this domain is rising and it will grow up to 3% by 2030.

  3. Hospitality Design:

    Hospitality designers are in high demand to create inviting and beautiful interior spaces. They will be working for hotels, resorts and restaurants. Any leisure establishment requires professionals to attract and retain people. Precisely they will be working in the domain of global tourism and travel. According to an elite market research report, the hospitality industry that is valued at 8 trillion now will rise to 12 trillion in the year 2027. This will create demand for talented professionals to get to the market needs. professionals who are passionate to create immersive guest experiences through innovative design and solutions can opt for this.

  4. Healthcare Design:

    Professionals are needed as Healthcare designers to create safe and comfortable healing environments. They are expected to closely work with hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities. The world is seeing an increase in the ageing population. This demands innovative solutions to give patient centric care. Reports say that the expenses on Healthcare construction in 2019 reached 40 billion dollars. This is the biggest increase ever and all these years. The domain is also expected to expand. So professionals are needed to work in improving the patient care, and creating a safe environment for healing and well- being.

  5. Exhibition and Event Design:

    Designers are also required in exhibitions and events. They are expected to create beautiful designs for showcasing and engaging experience. For instance, they are required to design trade shows, conferences and any special event. This is seeing rapid growth according to the events industry Council. In the year 2019, this domain will have a market growth of one trillion dollars and it is estimated to improve.This is because many organisations believe that conducting live events can help in building brand awareness. This expects professionals to create innovative design solutions.

  6. Set Design:

    Set designers will work in the domain of the entertainment industry. They create sets for movies. The entertainment industry is continuing to expand because of the increasing streaming services. The demand for original and exciting content is on the rise among the people. This 40 billion industry wants professionals who can help in bringing stories to life. This can happen by creating beautiful and relatable designs for the audience. designs play a major role and contribute to the overall success of the production.


In summary, interior design provides many career paths and opportunities. The growth in the industry is demanding many professionals to work in residential commercial hospitality and many other domains. Candidates should develop specialisation on aesthetics. They should also learn spatial design. With proper education and training, candidates can land a very good job with advancement in career opportunities.



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