Best Books And Effective Tips For NATA Preparation

Eligibility for NATA 2023 | NATA Preparation 2023: Best Books and Effective Tips

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Recently, the number of Indian students choosing architecture as their area of study has been gradually rising. Although there is a significant interest in and demand for architecture, there are just a few national-level admission exams, including JEE Main Paper 2 and NATA, that give candidates a chance to be placed in the Best B Arch Colleges In Tamilnadu. Getting ready for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) 2023 requires a very organized plan to score great grades on the test. It is essential to comprehend the NATA exam’s structure and syllabus because it evaluates candidates’ aptitude for architecture. Candidates should maintain their focus, remain motivated, and avoid stress at the last minute when their study schedule is well-planned. Let’s discuss the eligibility for NATA exams and effective tips to score good marks in the NATA exams.

Eligibility for NATA:

  • Candidates must have a total of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, as well as a total of 50% at the 10+2 level.
  • You can also apply for the exam if you have passed any 10 or diploma exam with mathematics as a subject with at least 50% of the marks.
  • NATA is open to 12th-grade students majoring in Physics, Chemistry, or Mathematics; But, their results won’t be accepted as legitimate until they satisfy the above standards.
  • Scores are substantial for a time of a year for example 1 year from the date an up-and-comer shows up for the NATA test.
  • Students having overseas or NRI status must meet the same eligibility standards as Indian citizens for NATA 2023. International and NRI candidates who wish to take the exam do not have their own set of eligibility requirements.

The NATA Score is used by admissions officers at various government, government-aided, and unaided schools that grant in the Best Colleges For Architecture In India. NATA is used as a standard basis for comparing candidates’ qualifications in addition to their results on the qualifying exam.

Effective Tips To Clear Architecture Entrance Exams:

  1. Know the Syllabus and Pattern: The NATA syllabus must be thoroughly understood by candidates. It will assist them with setting up a very organized plan by circulating subjects as needs be. Candidates who are familiar with the exam pattern will have a better understanding of the marking scheme, the distribution of marks, the total number of questions asked, the total marks, and more.
  2. Prepare a Notebook: Candidates are encouraged to carry a notebook with them while studying. Candidates can regularly revise the important concepts and formulas by writing them down.
  3. Create a Customized Schedule: The next step is to develop a custom schedule for NATA 2023 preparation. Candidates should ensure that the schedule is well-planned and evenly divided across all subjects and topics. The applicants should include distinct times in their plans for revision and taking mock exams. It should be emphasised that the schedule should be made based on the candidate’s aptitude.
  4. Solve Mock Tests and Sample Paperspractise: One of the most popular methods of preparation is to solve mock tests and sample papers. This will help candidates understand what needs to be revised to perform well on the exam. Candidates will also be able to identify and work towards common errors through practise tests and sample papers. These exams make sure that candidates are capable of taking the examination without making the same errors. By taking practice exams, applicants will also be able to enhance their time management abilities.
  5. Revision on a Regular Basis: The candidates must regularly evaluate their course. As a result, candidates will be less likely to forget crucial ideas and subjects. Candidates should spend a few hours per day reviewing the content they have already studied. Also, the review will give applicants confidence as they get ready for the entrance exam.
  6. Monitor Well-being: The students should be in good health to perform well on the NATA test. During the training phase, candidates should make sure they maintain a healthy diet and obtain enough rest. Regular breaks should be taken in between studying. Candidates should engage in outdoor extracurricular activities to maintain their health.

Best Recommended Books for NATA Exam:

  1. A Complete Self-Study Guide for B.Arch. by P. K. Mishra
  2. B.Arch. Entrance Examination Guide by Surendra Kavimandan
  3. NATA & B.Arch. complete self study material: entrance examination by Ar. Shadan Usmani
  4. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning Book- R.S. Agarwal
  5. A Visual Dictionary of Architecture by Francis D.K. Ching
  6. Self-preparation guide B Arch entrance examination by GK Publications
  7. NATA/ AIEE B Arch Question Bank
  8. High Algebra by Hall & Knight

Hope these tips and books help you to get into the Best Colleges For Architecture In India. And, Always keep in mind that a well-organized study schedule, constant practice, and remaining calm and composed throughout the exam are the keys to success in NATA 2023.



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