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Life of an Architecture Student at Karpagam Architecture

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One of the most challenging areas of study is architecture. Many who are not architects have never considered the effort it takes to finish an architecture degree, both physically and mentally.

Architecture colleges show you building development, planning, administration, and all the other things in the educational programme. However, it provided a lot more than just academic training. It gave the students a way of life and friends to last a lifetime and focused them on the dream of becoming a demanding architect. This blog provides insight into the life of an architecture student at the top B Arch Colleges in Coimbatore, Karpagam Architecture through five years of design.

What does an architect do?

An architect must not only ensure the design’s execution but also produce architectural drawings. Architecture can lead to careers in interior design, landscaping, furniture design, construction management, surveying, and other related fields. It is certainly one of the most difficult yet entrancing fields of study. To be an authorized architect, you need to get a degree from one of the top B Arch Colleges Of Architecture And Planning In India which takes at least five years to complete.

Life of an Architecture Student:

The experiences at Architecture College are like roller coasters. It introduces you to a completely new work culture and environment. You enter this vast ocean of possibilities and new beginnings. In this five-year degree course in Karpagam Architecture, you can learn, develop, and build the skills, community, and effort to achieve your dream.

  1. Developing artistic skills: “To achieve something, you must start from the beginning of everything.” This idiom is taken way too seriously by architecture colleges. The first task you must complete is a lettering sheet in which you must write various sizes and styles of alphabets and numbers. Naturally, you would also receive a redo because there is no better way to begin your career as an architect than with a redo. However, in addition to choosing from a variety of font styles, you can also design your own. Making models, creating portfolios, and gradually revealing your ideas will all be part of your day-to-day college life. Drafting, sketching, and drawing are all part of this.
  2. Architecture Places to Visit and Inspire: The Top Architecture Colleges In Tamilnadu consider site visits for budding architecture students to learn more about the history and inspire them to learn more. In the name of learning, you get to travel a lot as an architecture student and see so many new places. Every trip helps us make wonderful memories, regardless of whether we refer to them as “case studies” or “educational trips.” Additionally, we learn a lot while having fun. Historical sites are a completely different experience.
  3. Mental Health is important: Don’t forget to give yourself a break. It’s very important that you know this. Spend time with your friends, read a book, or watch your favorite show whenever you can. Take advantage of every opportunity to relax your eyes. In the world of architecture students, staying up late is not uncommon. Time spent sleeping is priceless.
  4. Always say YES to Learning Technology: Get to know essential innovation. Computer-aided design, 3D printing, parametric design, and the most recent software are all essential skills for any modern architect. There are various online courses to participate in that can be add-ons to build your portfolio when industries are looking for architects who have technical skills.
  5. Networking is essential: You need to understand the significance of networking from the very beginning if you want to study architecture. This is true for more than just making new friends; it also applies to meeting people who share your interests, connecting with them through social media, and most importantly, keeping in touch. Some of those people might end up working with you in the future.
  6. Internships: A great way to get hands-on experience and see what it’s like to be an architect is to do an internship in an architecture firm. And, the B.Plan Colleges In India allow you to get into fieldwork in their final year and you are allowed to do research on any of the architecture papers. Secondly, when you are working as an architecture intern, you’ll get to know:
    • Document and work on architectural drawings.
    • Make a variety of models.
    • Amazing your planning abilities.
    • Get started with CAD.
    • Architect duties in their projects and planning


Design turns into your lifestyle. It helps you learn a unique set of skills that you’ll use all your life. You become an issue solver; Your mind has been trained to consider the potential and specifics of the issues. You adjust to working long hours, learn to disagree, become a team player, and develop your opinion and passion. The B Arch Colleges In Tamilnadu conduct an architectural competition that teaches you how to market your work and take criticism. It develops your capacity for interpersonal interaction and creative thought. Architecture students eventually become multitaskers.



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