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7 tips to crack your NATA exam and get admission to the top architecture college

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National Aptitude Test in Architecture(NATA) is an entrance exam conducted all over India to obtain admission to the architectural and design colleges in India. It is mandatory to score minimum marks in NATA to get admission to any college in India. Competition is heavy for NATA. To make the preparations for NATA easier we provide you with 7 tips to crack your NATA exam easily and get admission to the top architecture college.

1.      Know the complete syllabus of NATA

Before starting your preparation for NATA, first you should completely know what NATA exam is. This can be known from the syllabus. You might find different websites with the NATA syllabus, but it is important you check the official website for the official syllabus. The syllabus may contain changes every year. Follow up with the dates, application deadlines, etc. It is essential to be checking the NATA official website periodically to follow up with new notifications. You can give multiple attempts for NATA in the same year. So, clearly read the syllabus and know the process of the exam to get an advantage.

2.     Go through the previous years’ question papers

Before preparation just analysing the previous years’ question papers gives you an idea of how the questions are framed. This helps you to formulate the study plan for NATA. You can shortlist and know how the NATA questions are asked. This helps you to start preparing for the exams with clarity and confidence.

3. Learn consistently for the NATA exam

Preparing for the NATA exam does not take days. You need to learn consistently for many months to crack the NATA exam. First research the books you need to buy for the preparation. Shortlist the best to start with the preparation. Make a proper plan and complete studying the syllabus on time. Just learning a week before the NATA exam is not going to help. Scoring high marks are essential to get admission to top architecture colleges in India is also high. So, be serious about the exam.

4. Practice is the key

The main strategy to win the exam is practice. You need the consistent practice of attempting the MCQs. Without proper practice even though you attend the exam you cannot pass it. NATA exam is an objective type exam. You should practice tests weekly or if possible, try solving MCQs daily. Practising daily will increase your chances of clearing the NATA exam with good scores.5.

5. You should be the best in time management

NATA exam has time limits with a set of questions. For getting high scores you need to practice time management. Calculate the maximum time you can take to solve a problem and practice within the time pace. Be clever and smart so that you can outshine your other competitors in your exam. It is essential to practice each time with this time conscious. If not, it is difficult to crack the NATA exam.

6. Attempt many model tests before the NATA exam

Before you finally attend the exam, it is essential that you should have taken full model tests for NATA. The same number of questions, same question paper patterns and the same time as the NATA exam. Feel the pressure of the NATA exam before in these model tests. Attempt these tests as you are going to write your NATA exam. When you practice the model tests multiple times, it is easy to get rid of the pressure you have during the NATA exam. If you follow this, you can attend your NATA exam with ease and you will feel like you are taking another model test. This helps you to score high marks in NATA.

7. Get help if you don’t know how to prepare for NATA

You may sometimes be confused about what to do and how to prepare for the NATA exam. In those situations get help for your seniors and teachers. This will help you to give clarity. You can also join coaching classes for your preparation. But before joining make sure the coaching centres is good and gives you tests periodically. Check the educational qualifications of the teachers in the coaching centres. You can also have a mentor who can help you throughout your preparation.
Following these tips can help you easily crack the NATA exam. Your efforts, time and consistent hard work are most important to crack the NATA exam. Pass the exam and get admitted to the best architecture colleges in India
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