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SEVEN Architecture Hacks: A Cheat Sheet for Students

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Architecture is one such field where you need to spend your creative and logical mind to achieve the goals. The primary responsibility of an architect is to design buildings such as houses, offices and other structures. Based on the needs of the client, they can create both interior and exterior designs. Architects should know how to transform the concepts and ideas of their clients into practical designs that are safe and viable. This article is for architect students who just started their first year in top Architect Colleges in Coimbatore.

SEVEN Architecture Hacks You Should Know:

1. Study Hack- Don’t hesitate or afraid to ask for help

You truly need to battle your hesitancy, and some might assume that you’re feeling excessively sure, control your self-image. This may be an obstacle to learn in a better way. It is best to get guidance from the experienced or your seniors instead of simply losing your hours on schedule. First-year students may experience this for the first time experiencing their college life.

2. Study Hack: Develop software skills

With persistent changes in innovation and now digitization conquering the industries, students need to learn design techniques on various platforms and tools which are capable of engineering programming. There is industry-standard programming suggested to have those technical skills for the students pursuing in the best Architecture Colleges in Coimbatore. So, tools like SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit and so many architect software applications are available to train yourself.

3. Study Hack: Mentors always be your best guide

Getting direction from experienced mentors is comparatively a decent move. Design understudies can move toward their teachers or different planners who have been in the business for quite a while. They frequently offer important bits of knowledge or valuable analysis. The best Architecture Colleges in India provide you with the best faculty and architect mentors for your career development. Better choose the right ones.

4. Study Hack: Always know the history

To get an experience, you need to step out of your comfort zone and look for different architectural stories other than your handbook. Learn about the mind-blowing architects and their architectural designs before. You gain proficiency with the standards and methods of reasoning of various building structures. This is the way you gain a profound enthusiasm for architecture history and traditional techniques of illustration.

5. Study Hack: Organize your study materials

From the time you start your first day in B. Arch Colleges in Coimbatore, you need to assemble the compositional things. Collect your study materials which include sketchbooks, drafting tools and supplies while you’re experimenting. This helps you to become an architect where you have good design materials and knowledge of utilizing better for your activities to create improved results.

6. Study Hack: Do keep your inner artist alive

Examination is so troublesome. Before preparing you need to calm and relax yourself. So, some might be more likely to pay attention to music to escape from the outside chaos. While some of the students might feel restless or disconnected with your work, listening to music may empower you.

7. Study Hack: Sharpen your visual memory

Architects need to take various site visits and explore the construction in detail. So, you need to recollect and practice visual update in your notes that helps your memory as a review. Mind planning is definitely viewed as more effective in supporting learning than text-based notes. Some of the to-dos for the review hacks are,

  • To recognize segments, use a variety of coding and highlighters.
  • Make a blueprint for every part.
  • Monitor basic information with bookmarks and cheat sheets.
  • Review by making your own guides, diagrams, flowcharts and courses of events.
  • Monitor vital dates and cutoff times by utilizing a schedule.
  • Make notes on outlines, beautiful papers or little sheets.


Hope, these top hacks can help you in your first year at the best B.Arch. Colleges in Tamil Nadu. The architectural course is one of the complex courses where you need to compete with your strong determination and interest towards your major.

You need to dedicate yourself to improving and achieving certain heights in this field as it is not easy like other bachelor’s degrees. So, you’re going to create and design new things which have to be eco-friendly, customer-friendly and with legal ethics.

The journey of architects always comes with suspense where you need to prove your architectural skills to overcome. The above-mentioned pointers are the things you can prepare from the start of your course joining. Academic life helps to gain various experiences and assist them to discover various ideas and ideologies before starting their career in architecture. Use these tricks to your advantage so that you can succeed in college in general.



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