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Mixing Old and New: The Art of Blending Vintage and Modern Elements in Interior Design

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It is now common where people likes to construct the houses with perfect blending of traditional and modern interior designs. These combination of interior designs offer unique and attractive spaces and it also brings our the art of different eras and generates the captivating interiors. Though the fusion of old and new has a influence and aesthetic approach generates the modern feel too. However, the courses in Interior design colleges in Tamil Nadu will nurture you in fundamentals and its your complete creativity and freshness to bring best out of it. And now clients and large projects actually expect to have a old touch when designing a new one. So, in this article students can get a idea and help them to extend their creativity with these tips of blending vintage and modern elements.

Different approaches and tips to create mix of modern and vintage style in your home decor:

1. Feel and colour palette:

The foremost step for a interior design of your house in blending of vintage and modern style is how you want to feel in terms of exquisite, new, lived-in, relax, exemplary, or unconventional.

Colour palette is second important where you need to consider furnitures, accessories that space occupying to bring better mixture. However, a neutral colour palette is better option if you have unique and visually appealing elements. There is no need to add dramatic or emotional colours on the wall when it comes to vintage and modern interior designs.

2. Wall decor:

How you want to décor your wall and shelves?

You can create a visually appealing styles in your room on of two choices like, when the wall of room designed for antique wallpapers, then it is better to go with the modern shelves to bring perfect mix. You can choose carpet or rug where Persian mat can blend well with this modern mixture. Or you can go for Turkish mat which blend well with the modern furniture. When you improve with floor coverings from various plan periods, you can add life to your advanced inside stylistic layout.

3. Furniture décor:

It is important to make balance with the furniture choices in the room to have a perfect combination and with a integrated designs. To make your space unique, then it is best to go with the modern furniture and vintage style. For instance,

  • Match a sleek, modern sofa with the vintage arm-chair
  • Mid-century coffee table with the retro inspired lighting.
  • Pair two old fashioned chairs with the angular modern couch.
  • March leather couch with the light modern seats with uncovered legs.
  • Modern chairs with the vintage table in spaces like kitchen, living room or home office gives a perfect look,
  • Use aluminium or clear seats with a weighty platform table.
  • Match up an immense mahogany work area with a angular chair.
  • Add a rich touch to your moderate area matching it with luxurious one-of-a-kind seats
  • Blend different furniture styles to make attachment in any room of your home.

Along with that give attention to the colour palettes and materials to bring better fusion version. Pick colours that can tie the advanced and classic components together, like warm neutrals or quiet tones. Moreover, combine materials to match the styles like combine shiny with modern glow of reclaimed wood.

4. Textures:

It is better to look for the basic things when it comes to décor your house. So, the idea of art blending concepts also included from the accessories like bed, sofa, table, mat that reminds to balance the overall theme. The ideas for these blends are,

Mixing a smooth, perfect surface with the silk textures.

Try new silk cushion on a leather chair.

Natural textures (leather, fur, wool and linen) create a better look with the cozy environments with the integration of modern lamps.

5. 80/20 Rule:

To make a perfect balance between modern and vintage items then use 20% of vintage to 80% of modern items. This rule can bring out the perfect interior designs.

Despite the fact that we are calling it a rule, nobody understands your home better compared to you – so create and design in your own way.

Your space would look obsolete and it doesn’t agree with this rule. So, the vintage pieces or accessories can be reduce and sometimes with the highlighting the features alone. For example, striking pendulum tickers or outlined one-of-a-kind guides.


The blending of traditional and contemporary styles in interior design gives spaces a compelling and unique appeal. Interior designers today need to comprehend the skill of fusing these materials. Although it may take some time to complete, yet unique interior designs are something that can be learned in Interior design colleges. Everything is in the hands of the designer, who will implement your ideas and create a space that harmoniously combines old and new while evoking your individuality and sense of style in every little detail.



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