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How to Craft an Impressive Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide for Students in 2023

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A particularly aesthetic, technical and social profession is architecture. You must have the social skills to convey your vision to a wide group of team members, including city officials, bankers, construction managers, urban planners and even other architects. Whatever profession you choose to become, you need to have a resume that reflects how strong and good you are as an employee for the company. Nowadays, the architecture sector is becoming a fascinating range of new technology in 2023. Aspiring graduates and job seekers should feel at ease using technologies such as VR, 3D modeling and other programmes that aid in the construction process. So, if you’re a student who has completed your architecture degree in Coimbatore famous colleges or universities, here is a guide on how well you can prepare an impressive resume.

1. Start with summary:

Summary should reflect on the highlights of your resume. Note that you need to describe who you are, your achievements and your capacity to achieve. This helps to create a good impression when your recruiter looks at it. Keep in mind, the summary of your resume should be within 50 words and try to keep it short and simple.

2. Career objective:

It is better to project the resume objective that provides the perfect opportunity. The better idea is searching the architecture company profile and their ethics guidelines. So, you can easily jot down the objective that matches your personal goals and company. The hiring companies can filter your resume when your objective matches with the company values. Ensure you have strong core values and objectives as mentioned, pretending to be is not a good way to start.

3. Professional experience:

If you’re a fresher, then you can add your internship experience and projects handled with the references for verifications. As architecture students, it is necessary to get hands-on experience while pursuing or working with any corporate projects or own projects that highlights your skills and capabilities. Remember that you ought to never mention things like ‘I don’t have insight yet’ or ‘Waiting for my first job’ These sentences may turn out to be negative. So, at least participate or take initiative in freelance projects which act as your add-ons.

4. Education:

In this section, you need to mention all your education courses from post graduate and undergraduate courses with the GPA. Likewise, if there is any specific education or courses posted as part of the set of working responsibilities, add them to your resume. Ensure you have followed through with the courses however, as the hiring companies will be interested to see confirmation.

5. Soft skills and hard skills:

Add skills that are pertinent to your architecture profession. The skills are the significant piece of any resume no matter what profession you’re choosing. It is important to show that you have the important abilities to circle back to projects, comprehend client needs and make plans to dazzle them.

The following are a couple of hard abilities to add:

  • Programming applications and visual computerization projects like Revit, AutoCAD, Photoshop, SketchUp.
  • Design skills
  • Developing architectural framework
  • Technical skills- MS Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and so on.
  • Flexibility
  • Cooperation
  • Creativity
  • Decisive reasoning
  • Critical thinking
  • Cooperation
  • Communication

If you are unsure of your capacities in any of these abilities, consider studios and online courses to foster them. These abilities are vital for a fruitful profession in design.

6. Licensed architect:

You really want to add on your resume whether you are a guaranteed individual from AIA with a legitimate license. If you don’t have these qualifications, add them to your resume when you secure them.

7. Highlight the design and style:

Add a personalized cover letter with a resume to showcase the skills and certifications achieved in your bachelor’s degree. This features why you are the ideal applicant, find uniqueness and hope that your objectives match. Hiring companies can understand how talented you are at design and style with some inventive resume and introductory letter organizing.

8. Contact and references:

Remember to cover data like contact data, address, email ID and so forth. These are the most ideal to be added over the header in a corner with your name. This segment ought to be critical however never take center from the significant pieces of the expert resume.


In spite of the fact that you will see the vast majority of these points on the resume of an architect student, the problem is the placement of these details. If you bury the important details at the end and provide irrelevant information, there are high chances the employer might ignore your resume and may not give a glance. So, ensure you follow the pattern and not overdo it. Hope this blog is useful for the students who completed architecture in the top colleges in Coimbatore and start the new journey as a fresher. These are key points you should have mentioned in your resume.



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