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The Evolution of Fashion Design: A Historical Journey

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Today, fashion designers acquire the attention of the fashion industry that highlights the demand in the fashion industry and various career openings for them. Earlier, it was quite difficult to gain these opportunities for those who wanted to start their career. The best fashion designing colleges in Coimbatore ensures that designers can get the benefits out of their talents and developed skill in today’s time. Fashion is the technique of one who expresses themselves and depends on time, location and environment. The fashion industry doesn’t mean clothing alone, it includes footwear, accessories, lifestyle, cosmetics, and haircut that all gives value to it. It highly recognizes and influences the society and social aspects along with that the fashion also demonstrates person originality in a unique way. Now, modern technology allows designers to make further development and customizable materials based on individual preferences. Let’s discuss how fashion design has evolved over the years.

Evolution of Fashion Designing:

History tells us that fashion changed and began to explore various trends from the upper class to the lower class. During the 18th century, men and women wore different clothing and people liked to develop further designs based on country and inspiration from nature. And people wear clothes that also influence communication and bring advancements in fashion and style. And begins with the culture, living styles, and accessories. The fashion design course starts with the history of the “origin of fashion” and highlights the first fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth from 1826 who set up the fashion house in Paris. Let’s discuss what students of architecture colleges in Coimbatore should learn from these evolutions of design.

Roman Era:

In this period, clothes are considered as an identification of one’s wealth status. It means the aristocrats are meant to wear expensive and stylish clothes. And the poor people can’t afford good clothes which are visible difference during this era. Women wear a stola, which is a long dress similar to today’s dress and men wear a draped cloth called toga.

Ancient Egypt:

Egypt culture of burying one’s favourite jewellery in their tombs and believing that they would use the afterlife. This sets a sample to prove that ancient Egyptians used to wear jewellery and different colours to show their status. They prefer linen as the perfect material for their hot weather so women wore pleated dresses whereas men wore kilts.

Middle Ages:

People like to wear woollen clothing and the materials used in clothing, colour, and longer jacket length usually show the people’s wealth status. Rich men were often seen wearing a jacket, a skirt or pleated tunic, and a surcoat. Women wore extravagant gowns and headpieces decorated with butterflies or hearts. Fashion in the Middle Ages was highly dominated and influenced by kings and queens as it shows royalty. During this era, the head-dress determines the rank of the person.

Beginning of the 20th Century:

The new developments in fashion design are evident when Paris emerged as the fashion capital. Haute couture is in the trend during this period where it is exclusively designed for individuals. Artist to develop the patterns for garments for customized offers or based on customer requirements. It is the era where the patterns are discussed before stitching. In the mid-20th century, the mass production of garments was introduced. This holds the attention of people who like to explore new fashion trends and gives the increased rate of bull production. So, people like to choose their own style and comfortable trends instead of completely relying on the market trends.

Fashion design today:

As earlier mentioned, fashion designers are now making use of various career options. The top 10 fashion designing colleges in Coimbatore or other universities in India come with the fashion courses that actually give value to the students to start their career in this field. It requires a wide range of designers apart from clothing like swimwear, bridal wear, men’s wear, footwear, handbags and so on. Fashion designers now can work in garment firms and export houses that might support the mass market and the development of related career paths in fashion design. It includes hairstylists, make-up artists, fashion journalists, advisors, designers, fashion photographers etc.

Fashion design and technology:

Another significant evolution in fashion design is the use of computers and technology to simplify the process. And the best fashion designing colleges in Tamil Nadu take care of how to implement and acknowledge these technologies to budding designers. It is a fact that the software applications assist designers which certainly reduces the complex process into simple ones and makes productivity faster and steadier.

So, it is evident that fashion designing is not alone in designing clothing and it keeps evolving with the integration of fashion, design, creativity, technology and business. And you may find the increasing number of fashion shows and participation also increases in recent times.



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