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SEVEN Best Architecture Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2023

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Architecture blogs unquestionably provide a wealth of information and ideas. With the help of art and design, architecture serves as a link that unites communities from all over the world. Blogs are a great way to promote the spread of information as the virtual world takes over the real world. Nowadays, students need to analyze and be aware of the current trends in technology, which can be done through architecture blogs. And, most of the B Arch colleges in Coimbatore encourage the students to create a blog where they can research and analyze the topics on their own. In the future, they can easily explore, gain access to, and learn from inspirations that are all around their field and can be found in one place. Blogs also help us gain a deeper comprehension of current issues by providing a variety of viewpoints and scenarios. So, searching for architecture blog media or blogs, here are a few sites where you can convey opinions, read and analyze the works of architects from all over the world through these mediums.

SEVEN Best Architecture Websites To Follow this Year:

  1. Architectural Digest: The AD has a perfect blend of design, architecture, and interiors, so it will be on almost every list of architectural blogs to look forward to. They host a variety of content, including “How-To” posts, celebrity house tours, a great showcase of designs, and other types of content because they are one of the oldest companies in the industry. They also offer a subscription to a magazine and a newsletter that will not only inspire you but also keep you up-to-date on the most recent architectural trends.
  2. DesignBloom: As the name suggests, the DesignBloom blog takes a more unified and comprehensive approach to all things art and design and their growth over time. They provide excellent technology content that is extremely pertinent to the current design industry scenario. The content and layout of their sections are thoughtfully categorised, making it simple to navigate. Their inclusion of a “readers write” section, which enables designers and artists from all over the world to communicate with one another and voice their opinions, is yet another remarkable aspect of this.
  3. ArchDaily: One of their most appealing highlights is that they are multilingual and provide content arranged from everywhere in the world. In addition to allowing readers to submit their projects, nearly forty new projects are updated daily. They likewise have a segment called city directs that could turn into a fundamental piece of the schedule for any designer. They also have a great selection of competitions, events, exhibitions, and interviews in addition to these features.
  4. Archinect: The slogan of the Archinet blog is that it supports interfacing planners across the globe that they hold on to through their substance by associating creators, draughtsmen, and design understudies from everywhere in the world with an assortment of content. Their scholarly community segment is exceptionally motivating as it brings articles from understudies of design and provides us with a brief look at youthful personalities. With their forum, you can look at the best colleges for architecture in India and their courses.
  5. Dezeen: Dezeen’s interviews and opinions sections, which feature a diverse range of designers and architects from around the world, are unquestionably the most entertaining and instructive. They cover all aspects of design, from automobiles and fashion to interiors and architecture, allowing you to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the field. You can launch your products there, where they can virtually reach people all over the world. There are helpful filter options in their blog’s events guide section to make searching easier.
  6. An architect’s life: On a lighter note, this is an architect’s podcast-based blog about how to live an architect’s life in general. Engineering is more than imagination, as it requires a great deal of abilities, information, and practise. Therefore, it is essential to comprehend the reality, purpose, and experience of being one amid all the inspiration.
  7. Architectural Review: This blog is ideal for architects and students pursuing architecture at India’s best architecture college who are looking to develop their disruptive and critical thinking skills. This blog’s articles stand out because they tell a story, which makes the cause they’re advocating clearer. The blog is for people who are interested in architecture and want to learn about it from different points of view. These sites are in many cases used to archive a planner’s work over the long run, share photographs of their most recent activities, and give advice to different experts in the business. Blogs are a great way for the students or architects pursuing top B. Arch Colleges in Tamilnadu to share and promote their work or projects. It’s also a great way to meet people in your field and get clients’ immediate feedback on projects.


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