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Fashion Design Students: How to Build a Strong Portfolio 

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Do you want to start your career in fashion? After completing your fashion courses at the best fashion designing colleges in Coimbatore, it is necessary to create a strong portfolio to showcase your skills. Students require a portfolio when they apply for postgraduate studies, employment, or personal development. And in the fashion industry, portfolios are important to land your dream job. There is a need for a portfolio for fashion designers where they can make a professional and good impression to secure a job and fulfil their career dreams. This article is for fashion design students to get ideas on how to build a strong portfolio.

Questions to ask yourself before preparing a portfolio:

Portfolios should be evident in one’s personality and point of view. It should be conceptual and personal and introduce your vision for fashion design and inspiration. Here are some queries to think about:

  • Does your story represent a point of view?
  • Which media is suitable to apply for?
  • What can be portrayed in the portfolio of ideas and works?
  • If the fashion design samples have challenges?
  • Does this portfolio appear to be original or group projects?

These are a few questions you need to prepare and do homework. Let’s discuss this further in detail.

A brief introduction about yourself:

Keep your introduction short and clear, about six to seven lines. The introduction should speak about the reason, purpose and inspiration behind your design collections. Write a bit more about yourself as a designer if you’re writing an introduction for your own portfolio, but don’t overdo it.

Include mood boards for concepts:

Mood boards are crucial for outlining the sources of inspiration for your collections. Employers will be able to see how you operate and your creativity. You can also include images, fabric samples, sketches, and palettes for colors and fabrics. Don’t use too many pages to showcase your concepts. One or two pages will work. And, portfolios with longer or larger ones can have negative effects.

Display your creations:

Present your designs with detailed drawings and images of your completed collections. To tie the overall appearance and feel of your collection together, use hand-drawn silhouettes, show how your creations look when they are matched with other clothing, and include inspirational photographs. The best fashion design colleges in Tamil Nadu allow you to create new designs through assignments, competitions, internships, or any other involvement in projects. So showcase what you are capable of.

Now, employers for high-end luxury firms will anticipate seeing silhouette sketches of your finished ideas. When showcasing your designs, it’s crucial to use your best work.

Technical drawings

Although technical drawings are not required, it is strongly encouraged that you include them in your portfolio if you’re applying for a position in a fashion company to stand out from the competition.

Technical illustrations can be hand-drawn; however, illustrations made in Illustrator or InDesign are preferred. It serves no purpose to submit a simple technical design; instead, showcase your strongest abilities by showcasing your ability to draw more challenging specifications like coats, trousers, purses, or shoes.

Secondly, you should showcase the paintings and drawing photos for sculptures or 3D art, graphics working drawings, pattern cutting, dressmaking, photography and Computer – aided design projects or works.

Things to remember before submitting your portfolio for a high-end brand:

The fashion designer needs to have significant inventiveness; surprise and breaking the mould can be effective tactics. Though architecture colleges in Coimbatore can give you a basic awareness of how designing and delivering materials can be more productive and fundamental. You need to prepare yourself to create a better portfolio.

1. Portfolios for luxury brands should demonstrate extraordinary innovation and flair. Make sure you still demonstrate a sense of commerciality, though, as companies in the luxury fashion industry will want to envision how you will produce and market your work.

2. Your hand drawings must be flawless, and you must be able to clearly demonstrate your artistic design approach. If your style and abilities can function in-house with a luxury business, your final designs’ inspiration and ideas are crucial.

3. You can display technical drawings, but they are not necessary because luxury retailers will have professional designers on staff to assist you in moving your garment from the design stage to the manufacturing stage. Coimbatore’s famous architecture colleges provide the essential space to learn technical skills, which include technology involvement.

4. You must think about the design and style that will define your portfolio as you are creating it. Determining the design that best complements your work is crucial when determining the arrangement of the photos, images, and texts.

5. It is better when you provide the visual story of your portfolio. A clean, organized, different, expert appearance with consistent designs and graphics. Remember, submitting your personal brand needs to have a clear and consistent sense of who you are.



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