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The role of mindset in effective study habits: Tips for students

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When you’re looking to improve your skills and abilities to achieve your goals and dreams, you will automatically understand how your mindset reflects on your actions. For students, every step needs to be careful and keep the success or failure of your actions into a growth mindset. This will help you to seek the opportunities and possibilities of achieving the goal in any manner.

And, in the architecture field, you need to understand the real problem and issues when you’re desired to create a wonder-gadget or need to start your own studio to showcase your architectural world. These artistic jobs can easily get you required attention when you graduate in the best architecture colleges in Coimbatore and ability to build yourself in engineering, problem solving, writing, drawing and other skills. This article is for the fresher who is pursuing architecture or any other engineering field looking for the opportunities and tips to grow a healthy mindset.

What are the mindsets you need to know?

Learning styles are different for one another whether it is the approach or techniques of your learning process. Understand that your mindset is perception of your qualities, potential and skills. Let’s start with the two different mindsets that have significant effects and tips to grow your growth mindset for effective learning.

Fixed mindset- People with this mindset believe their intelligence, talent and are fixed and can’t be changed. It may be a disadvantage for them as they often don’t look at the improved effort or experience.

Growth mindset- People with the development mentality/ growth mindset accept that their characteristics and capacities can be created and improved with exertion and experience. People who have a growth mindset accept that they can create and improve and hence they are bound to invest additional energy which decidedly affects their prosperity and accomplishment.

How to identify which perception you look at?

The fixed mindsets may hinder your success whereas the growth mindset will bring the best out of you when you increase your true potential.

Here are a few queries you can ask yourself to determine how you see things.

1. What sort of mindset do you describe yourself?

2. Did you easily get frustrated over challenging tasks or put extra effort to accomplish?

3. Do you always find mistakes that shrink your ability or opportunity to learn and grow?

4. What is keeping away from the growth mindset?

5. What positive changes do you make to accomplish or better yourself?

Tips to increase students growth mindset:

1. Don’t feel offended when you view challenges, view them as opportunities to learn. This will increase your competence and you may feel refreshed when you look at the challenges. It is always new for college students to adapt to new experiences and challenges. So, better do it with confidence.

2. It is common for students to look at the exams, assessments and assignments as a burden but if you think about how you’re learning techniques brings better results and how you should change the studying patterns you can identify when you get to know results. Don’t think of passing a test, look for how to increase the knowledge which is helpful to achieve your dreams.

3. Set goals for yourself- learning and performance. It means set learning goals to advance your knowledge and performance goals for achievement. Performance-oriented objectives rely on receiving compliments for your abilities and preventing criticism for the mistakes you make. Learning-oriented goals provide a strong emphasis on long-term development and assist you in developing the skills required to achieve high performance goals.

4. It is always an old school quote that concentrates on the process instead of the outcomes. So, you need to decide whether you’re going to learn well or learn fast. However, the five-year architecture course demands a huge process in learning and achieving to greater heights.

5. There are still students who get easily offended with the low marks and mistakes. It is not necessary as not everyone is perfect and it is better to give time to make mistakes and learn from it. It is where you can see the improvement and it is not a failure. And, mostly architecture students should learn patience in achieving the right goal.

6. Architecture is a field where you can see the demand and also the technology development which is essential for today’s architect to learn. So, give yourself time to learn new tools, software which are related to your goals. The learning style and how your mindset works need to be sync. Things like what new skills or knowledge have you acquired?

To conclude, Architecture is not about making beautiful buildings and designs. So, once you prefer to study architecture in the best colleges in Coimbatore, then you need to have a growth mindset which helps in learning and achieving your dreams. And today’s digital world requires a lot of research to make something both practical and stylishly satisfying.



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