Karpagam Architecture

Comprehensive source of learning


WE believe in student-centered pedagogy and deployment of technology to maximize learning potential and teaching, while simultaneously increasing effectiveness and engagement.

Appropriate selection and connection of instructional technology are carefully aligned with curriculum, learning objectives, principles, teaching methods, student intellect, interest and abilities, new strategies, assessment and evaluation. Our designated teams analyze the role of technology and its support to define the terms of classifying and understanding teaching. Active participation and learning plays an important role in accelerating students’ retention of academic learning, levels of motivation and interaction. Hence use of technology should not be confined to inert knowledge alternatively these must be deployed to enhance overall knowledge and skill sets.

Architecture, Design and Planning & Design and pedagogy is defined by:

  • Impetus to learn;
  • Exposition, Variation and Selection;
  • Direction of learning modules and activities;
  • Criticism;
  • Learning Propellers;

'Teaching is the canny art of intellectual temptation'

J Bruner