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Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, KAHE, is an integrated approach to education and research that works towards creating an institute of international standards. It consists of Planning, designing and constructing form, space and ambience to reflect functional, technical, social, environmental and aesthetic considerations.
If you are looking for a college that prepares you for success in the future, KAHE does just that – by putting innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration at the center of your curriculum. Our last year graduates have a 100% job placement rate.

What is our secret? Giving students the opportunity to learn in a setting that balances theory and practice by working on real-world projects in an active, collaborative, environment. You will experience a student-centered approach to a professional education, be taught by highly accomplished faculty, and have many opportunities to engage with the professional community and industry partners in the Coimbatore region.

Our goal is to change the world through education. It may sound idealistic, but this is precisely our mission. It is what motivates the work of everyone at the KAHE — from faculty and staff, to students and alumni, to our partners and supporters. It inspires our teaching and our research. It fuels our work, teachers and leaders in education, both here and across the globe.

Our learning extends beyond conventional classroom instruction, preparing our students to engage with their fields and the larger world. Great emphasis is laid on rigor and self-reflexivity within the programme curricula. Students are allowed to choose their own unique pathways through the programme, thereby (re)creating and (re)producing themselves as professionals with multiple expertises.