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Karpagam Architecture is one of the best architecture universities in India. We personally guided each student to face the challenges of this competitive world.

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We want you to hone your creative skills, develop, evolve, define and figure who you are and what you can do with Architecture, Design and Planning, choose your path and face each challenge…

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KAHE Resonates Innovation & Development

KAHE welcomes you to the Epitome of learning Architecture, Design and Planning.

Karpagam is one of the leading institution that unequivocally demonstrates its distinctive commitment in providing students a comprehensive learning platform. The management and staff collaboratively work towards the development and implementation of unsurpassed teaching methods through intensive research and strategic planning.

The main objective of the institution is to cultivate and nurture a diverse and dynamic community of students that direct their efforts towards maximizing their learning and growth. The aspiration towards achieving the highest grades and reflecting liberal learning is what drives it’s distinguished faculty. Karpagam University of Architecture, Design and Planning continually researches unique ways to achieve academic excellence, devise extraordinary learning modules and nurture the undeniable quest for knowledge.

The achievements of students at Karpagam institution are a testament to its promise towards building a pioneering future. With a history that dates back to 1956; a choice of choosing the best architectural degree and courses; nearly ______ undergraduates and ______ graduate students; and a resourceful alumnus in 160 countries; and a student population from all the states in India and several countries across the globe, Karpagam resonates a fundamentally and structurally robust learning institution.

KAHE welcomes you to the Epitome of learning Architecture, Design and Planning!


Karpagam University of Architecture & Design and Planning are leaders and recognized both globally and nationally. We take pride in our achievements and recognitions:

Karpagam Faculty – Leadership and University Administration

Our faculty at Karpagam University of Architecture, Design and Planning is a reflection of commitment to scholarly eminence. It is in the pedagogical impact while teaching and rising above mediocrity that makes every classroom a great learning experience. Intensive research, meticulous curriculum planning and optimized use of practical resources engender high learning and teaching standards.

The collateral sustenance of our legacy and historic achievements is inherent in all major division and administrative groups. Karpagam University of Architecture & Design and Planning’s leadership team is dedicated to ensure complete execution of our educational mission and fulfillment of objectives.

The leadership from the Office of the Chancellor, Provost, and Board of Trustees and our indefatigable commitment, propelling efforts towards achieving academic excellence is exemplary. Our core responsibility lies in outlining architectural strategy and learning priorities. Collaboration of all academic units, allocating financial resources and setting parameters for achieving academic priorities formulate our core responsibilities. We work relentlessly to achieve accolades of efficacy in governance and accountability in ensuring good management and providence of adequate resources for all our students.

Now the real question is ………… Are you ready for the Challenge?